Sea Creature, Soft Sculpture, Mobile Madness

When I was between 6 and 7 months pregnant my husband and I embarked on our babymoon. I didn't have any idea about babymoons until my own pregnant belly was watermelon-sized, cute sweater tights were a thing of my past, and stretchy maternity jeans were my very best friend. Ours was a quiet week spent on the California coast at a friend's house in the storybook town of Sea Ranch.

We were unplugged on our babymoon: no internet, no cell service, no wifi. And so we spent our evenings like any expecting couple might spend their final vacation before their first child is born--making a mobile, of course! The blue whale is my favorite. He later became the nursery mascot. And the sea turtle was reminiscent of a long ago trip to Hawaii (lifetimes ago, it seems).

But mostly, at the time, I was writing a new batch of poems and researching sea mammals. I was fretting about oil spills, swirling islands of plastic, and the rising toxicity levels in sea creatures as a result of our human pollution. Boo! But more simply, I was falling in love with the sea. Living near the coast, as my own belly filled with fluid and my own mammal curled and kicked and flipped, I imagined he was a tiny creature of the ocean. That somehow he swam from the horizon of the water, up to the shore, over the cliff, and magically took residence in my melon-sized belly.

I used to call him my swishy fish. I used to imagine he was my very own tiny blue whale kept safe by my expanding belly. So I made the mobile to hang in his nursery--a felty blue whale to keep me company until my own little blue whale was born. Never mind that blue whales weigh about 6,000 pounds at birth. Mine was a TINY blue whale, you see, coming in at just 7 pounds 8 ounces.


PS--In mobile news, my cloud mobile won the Lotta Jansdotter challenge. Hooray for soft sculpture!


  1. "my very own tiny blue whale" -- love that.

  2. I LOVE the mobile. I wish my kid had one!

  3. i love the mobile. the whale floats my boat, but oh the sea turtle. we have a thing for all things turtle and tortoise here. xo.

  4. denise: yes, my tiny blue whale. my swishy fish.

    kevin: thank you! it only took about 100 hours to make. you can make one too!

    vaness: oh, i love knowing this about your little ones. i do hope you come to visit soon.

    meredith: thank you! and thanks for visiting here.

  5. This isn't fair! This is so beyond-adorable-cute as in I HAVE TO MAKE THIS even though I have no children. Could I make one for myself? I want to, this is so precious, and what a fun project to tackle!


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