My Studio Table and Summery Things

It's suddenly summer. I'm not sure how it surprised us this week but it simply did. It arrived. It stormed the farmer's market with peaches, strawberries, apricots, basil, sweet peas, and fava beans. It even brought cherries. And I've found myself speeding down the block in sandals exactly twice. My floppy straw hat has been called to duty. My little boy has been squealing and squirming across the hardwood floors in nothing more than his onesie. Did I mention the cherries?

My studio table has seen one small project after the next: a new soft sculpture chickadee, a slow-going binding on the baby quilt, and an impromptu coin pouch. Slow seems to be my new work rhythm. So be it. I've given in. I've surrendered. I've decided to waive my little white flag of time management desires and do my damn best to Be Here Now. I've been told this is the marker of adjusting to new parenthood? The surrender? Maybe so.

My new rhythm sometimes means staying up too late in those precious quiet hours to finish a project, write a proposal, or respond to a batch of overdue emails. And other times it means sitting down on the floor and cheering the little one onward as he coos and clucks and creeps and flaps and fumbles through his sixth month with us. Six months? My goodness, yes, six.

We are bursting with the promise of a bustling summer and I am configuring ways to soon make a trip east to a cherry picking orchard for the goods for homemade jam. Jam! Cherry jam! I cannot apologize for my excitement for summer. No, I simply cannot.



  1. Love the little scooter, so cute and obviously happy! Finally, summer is here, so nice, even better in Oakland I bet. And ARGH, I should have had you up to Sonoma this weekend, cherry picking galore in our own backyard ... next time I see you I'll bring along some balsamic cherry preserves I just made. Next year, you're top of the list to help tackle our tree.

  2. That form of surrender was hard to conceive of before it happened. Then it seemed hard to remember the urgencies that had ruled before. Enjoy your slow work (beautiful!) and your boy. And those cherries.

  3. yay for summer

    and six.
    it goes fast doesn't it?

  4. Look at those little legs raring to go.

    Enjoy the promise of summer, and I always enjoy seeing here all the clever and beautiful things you make.

    g xo

  5. love the little chunky legs!! beautiful photos too

  6. kathryn: yes, yes! cherry vanilla jam is a family favorite. and plum is a favorite too. and strawberry rhubarb, of course. i'd love to tackle the tree with you.

    kate: i have thought about your comment all week. it's so completely true. it was impossible to conceive and now the urgencies seem impossible too. yes.

    lisa: oh, i love summer in oakland. yes. i. do.

    gracia: cute chubby little baby legs are quite possibly the very best. hi friend very far across the ponds.

    introverted art: welcome to my blog! and yes, those legs are too darn cute, i just have to agree.

  7. What a lovely quilt! So bright, and cheerful, and perfect for your sweet baby boy! I love the size of the squares, they feel petite, yet the quilt seems proportional to me.


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