Modern Patchwork Quilt

It's finished! After nearly a year, I have just finished the final stitches and now I am officially finished with this quilt. Double hooray! This is the crib quilt for my now 7-month-old son that I started before he was born. Needless to say, I was distracted for a few months but now... I am done. I used Denyse Schmidt fabric on this quilt as I loved the bright blues, reds, and yellows as main colors in my son's nursery. I liked the vintage meets modern feel of this fabric collection. The hint of picnic or fairground or summer circus festivity.

Through my research I've learned that crib quilts come in all sizes but this is roughly the size of an actual crib mattress--36 inches by 54 inches. I look forward to snuggling his little chubby body under this blanket for a few years to come. And then it will be time for a twin bed and maybe for a new quilt. Oh goodness. I'd like to make a quilt for our full-size bed in the meantime but I am not ready for that commitment quite yet. There are summer dresses and baby bloomers and fabric prints to be made first.

There are so many amazing modern quilters out there that I can't possibly name them all. They are too many and too inspiring to list. But I do love what Denyse Schmidt has done for the modern quilting movement and her books are also wonderful. Of course, Lotta Jansdotter has a lovely quilt in her book Handmade Living. Alicia Paulson has some gorgeous quilts alongside Blair of Wisecraft. And Kathryn Clark recently finished her Foreclosure Quilt series and, oh gosh, the list just goes on.

I was lucky to see the Quilts of Gee's Bend at the Whitney Museum years ago and it simply blew my mind. (Blew my mind.) But I think my favorite place to find quilt inspiration is over on Pinterest. I have a quilt board that is ever growing in number of pins. I love each one more than the last. Take a browse if you are looking for some quiltspiration but if you do decide to make a quilt remember this--they take time! I had to remind myself of that each time I put it down and picked it back up again.

Phew. It's finished.



  1. Finished! Hooray! And how splendid it looks. Well worth all the time and work, and something to treasure.

    g xo

  2. Yeah!! Congrats on the gorgeous quilt. The binding is what gets me every time! And thanks for the mention ;-)At least I made sure there were none on my quilt series or I never would have finished any.

  3. Finished and fantastic. I made two large ones and two small for my son - in pregnancy and then those early days when he slept (!) All hand stitched and I remember each stitch. You'll treasure it. But my, your binding is perfection!

  4. Your quilt came out great! I love the lively colors and the interesting patterns. What a great example of what a modern quilt can look like! Also, that binding is fantastic. I also really like how you continued the design on the back!

  5. gracia: yes, finished! phew. i feel liberated to make several smaller sewing projects now that the quilt is done.

    kathryn: the binding is it's own project, isn't it? but it's so worth it when it's finished. your quilts are awesome. yes, they are.

    kate: you made four quilts when you were pregnant? my goodness. that is inspiration. i imagine each is more lovely than the next.

    linn: thanks for visiting! yes, i wanted to make a modern version of a patchwork quilt. so glad you like this one.


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