New Prints with Fabric Scraps

I've been making new prints. I call them "prints" because I'm most familiar with printmaking and textiles but I'm not sure these are actually prints at all. And if there is no printmaking technique? And, well, if nothing was actually printed!?! Oh, goodness--the trouble with naming. I suppose these are more accurately called "collage" or "mixed media" but I like to think of them as fabric prints so that's what I'm going to call them. In this way they feel more aligned with my printmaking and textile work and less oddly new. Yes, fabric prints, if you will.

I've been saving tiny fabric scraps and cutting them into even tinier shapes to create these prints. I like to think of the rectangles as buildings and the triangles as mountains and the circles as raindrops or strangely shaped clouds. I've been calling these "Rain Over Some Imaginary Rainy City" and "Rain Over the Mountain Range" and also "Quilt Shapes" and "Pinwheels".

In making these I was reminded of the work I used to make with recycled paper when making books. And also how a quilter would traditionally use fabric scraps to make utilitarian blankets for her family. How a pair of jeans would show up alongside a scrap of a button-down shirt in the pattern of a traditional quilt. So I look at these prints and see the fabric from my son's quilt, my latest mobile, the inside of my new coin pouch. I like that spillover from "craft" to "art". I like seeing the same techniques and materials show up in one and then again in another. I like seeing this conversation.

Happy week to you, friends.



  1. These fabric prints are great, Katrina. I saw the third image and thought "Rain Over Sea of Sailboats". Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of the nose-to-tail concept, but far prettier.

  2. i love these. from the contrast to juxtaposing word and image, to the tension between paper and fabric, and line and design. YEAH, GIRL!

  3. These are totally delightful!

  4. denise: thank you! i love that you thought "rain over sea of sailboats". perfect.

    melissa: you are so dear. thank you for this good encouragement. juggling life in the studio and as a new mama (and with all the other parts) makes me a bit nutty. but your good encouragement goes a long way. thank you.

    victoria: thank you!


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.