Upstate NY in the Summertime

Oh, friends. To say my trip through NY was lovely feels like an understatement. To say it was miraculous feels more accurate but that also seems hard to believe, right? But I think miraculous is closer to the truth. It was divine. It was heavenly. It was nearly perfect. Okay, it would have been completely perfect if our sweet 9-month-old son suddenly started sleeping through the night and it would have been completely perfect if we had a little cottage of our own on one of those divine Upstate NY lakes. But, a girl will take what she can get. So in this lifetime I'm going to say, "nearly perfect".

Of course, it was difficult traveling with our infant son and it was disorienting to be away from our home and our worldly comforts. Of course. But the discomforts of traveling were quickly erased by the beauty of the countryside, the frequent swims in freshwater lakes, the dramatic humidity (relieved by even more dramatic thunderstorms), and the general dreamy glow of vacation in July in the prettiest parts of the state. Yes, the prettiest by my book.

We traveled between The Finger Lakes (Seneca Lake and Ithaca, NY to be precise) and we spent nearly two weeks on Lake George and we traversed the Hudson Valley (Oh, the pretty Hudson Valley) and we made just one very quick trip to the big beautiful city of New York for just one night of Manhattan marvel. Sadly, we did not make it to my beloved Brooklyn this trip. Next time, next time. This time was well spent between lakes and pools and antique shops and roadside ice cream stands and blueberry patches and morning walks amidst the wildflowers.

Sigh. Already, I can't wait to go back.



  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures. I am so jealous. I can't wait to go back for a visit.

  2. Oh yes, the Hudson Valley! I have some roots there, and it has certainly called my name for the past year with our exploration of my geneology. One day we may live in that "future and proposed" cabin on the banks of the Hudson, just between Columbiaville and Greenville. You know, turn at the brick house just after the auction house, but before Trudy's family's butcher shop. :)

    Your posts are fun to see a glimpse of what I miss all over that state!

  3. It looks so lovely! The idea of swimming in a lake during the summer, hard to imagine sitting here in foggy SF right now. So glad you had a great time, except for the sleep deprivation. It will get better!

  4. Looks so relaxing and peaceful. glad you had a wonderful time! ox

  5. Oh, Katrina. Lovely. Your photographs epitomize summer bliss.

  6. Love.

    I found myself longing for my next trip there, but wait, I've never even been! Yet there is something of my roots there, too, and it is indeed dreamy. So glad you enjoyed your trip. xoxo

  7. This is often how I feel about Oregon. Lakes, trees, sunshine, blueberries. Sigh, I do miss it. Love!

  8. belly: it was such a lovely trip. NY in all her summertime glory. go visit soon!

    beth: the hudson valley. oh, the hudson valley. swoon, swoon. i would like to be neighbors there.

    kathryn: yes, swimming in lakes and pools and even waterfalls. good and good. i am going to hold you to that promise about sleep. oh, gosh yes!

    shash: hi you! it was wonderful. and i hope you are having a wonderful time in portland.

    denise: oh, what kind words. it felt something like a summer from childhood. long. lazy. hot. humid. full of blueberries and swimming and fireflies.

    kj: you will come visit me someday. okay? okay. that seems like the right thing to do :)

    laurel: yes, i imagine it's very much like growing up in rural oregon. but less west coast and more outer NY!

    friends. xoxo, k.

  9. Hey, can we find a place to get some soft serve ice cream in Oakland. That looks good...


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