Making Monsters: New Soft Sculpture Softies

I'm making monsters. I'm making monsters of the soft sculpture/ up-cycled fabric/ bright shoe-wearing/ hand-stitched-heart-on-the-back-pocket sort. Some of you might remember this post with my very first softie. But I decided that any good little monster needs good little monster friends and so I am making a bunch.

I admit, the craft fair season is suddenly here and I making new projects for my crafty booths including new soft sculptures. (First in the fair line-up: I'll be a vendor at The San Francisco Center for the Book's annual Roadworks event. What could be better than watching linoleum blocks printed with a steamroller while browsing crafty booths and touring a letterpress studio? Come visit if you're in town.)

I like to draw my patterns on old manila file folders: they're sturdy, affordable, and waiting at the back of my file drawers for new purpose. I sketch and cutout the pattern. Then I make marks on the cutout shapes to denote the project, placement, and number of pieces needed. This is helpful when I reach for that pattern months later and the details are suddenly a blur. I have a stash of handmade manila folder patterns on my desk. And I've been using Pinterest to create a soft sculpture board for inspiration. I'm a true believer in the power of Pinterest.

I have ambitions for a small army of new monsters. Right now, I'm thinking they'll wear corduroy or denim pants because that seems like the proper thing for a proper monster. Plus fluorescent pink or orange shoes. And a heart on the back pocket because no monster is too tough for a hand sewn heart, right? Not in this house. As you can tell from the photos, the littlest manager came to inspect the new monster after his afternoon nap. Lucky for me, he approved. Phew!

See you Monday, friends. Have a lovely weekend.



  1. These little dudes are awesome! xo

  2. Congratulations on being chosen as a finalist in the Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger awards.

  3. I've ALWAYS loved your little monsters (not to mention all of your projects)! I want an army of them... someone should give you a book deal so that we can learn how to also make them for ourselves!!! :)

  4. cutest little softies!

  5. Sweet little monsters. So much more charming than Dr. Frankenstein's work.

  6. david: thank you, dearest.

    susan: thank you! such an honor to be a finalist. truly. it makes me blush.

    bea: hooray! i would love for you to have one. more coming soon.

    leslie: you are such a star. thank you, friend.

    shauna: i am a monster making machine. cute monsters only, of course.

    denise: yes! more charming than frankenstein. i love this.

  7. Your dolls are very cool and unique. Awesome work.

  8. Always did love a good production line. These little characters look great, and I particularly like seeing a little of the process.

    g xo

  9. shelley: thank you, thank you!

    gracia: a good production line, indeed. now, if i just had a small crafty army to help me produce! glad you liked this peek into my process.


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