My New Love: Sewing Simple Pants for Infants and Toddlers

I have a new addiction--making pants for my 9-month-old son. I'm quite certain it's a passing addiction but it's the moment of the addiction, for certain. They are so easy. And so quick. And so satisfying. And they only require 1/2 yard of fabric so they are so affordable too. Quadruple goodness.

As many of you know-- it's tricky to find cute, independently made, affordable clothes for the little ones. I use my resourceful shopping skills to scour consignment shops, thrift stores, boutique sale racks and, of course, I have my favorite department stores for the staples. (And I praise the hand-me-downs.) But. The difference with adults and kids is that we adults pretty much stay the same size from month to month (pregnant women are completely excused from this statement). So when treasure hunting for kids it's a gamble to find the right day when the right store has the right stuff in the right size. Sometimes it's just impossible.

But these pants, I tell you, these pants fit the bill. I started with the "simple pants" pattern in Simple Sewing for Baby and adjusted it to a pair of my son's own. You could also just use a pair of pants as a pattern if you want more sewing adventure. I admit: There is some gene in my body that won't allow me to follow a pattern down to the details. (I'm sure this could be a metaphor for all sorts of personality traits but, eh hem, I just like to make it myself.) So, I adjusted a few times until I got this pattern right. Now I have three pairs finished and one pair left to sew.

Sigh. If everything I ever made could be this easy. Sewing fairies, are you listening?



  1. oh man, i love these! lucky little monkey.

  2. They are gorgeous. I'm sure he's the best dressed little man in town. xolj

  3. very sweet. you are so gifted! xo

  4. kj: they are soooo easy to make. i can teach you.

    louise: thank you, thank you. they are so fun to make. and they are so cute on his little legs :)

    hannah: how kind. thank you!

  5. Congratulations on being announced as a finalist in the Country Living Blue Ribbon blogger awards!

  6. susan: thank you! such an honor to be a finalist. i'm humbled. and so excited!


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