Road Trip: First Trek to the Beach!

It was high time to get the little one to the ocean. Living in Oakland, CA it would seem that this is something we do all the time, right? Right. But sadly it just isn't. The truth is it takes almost an hour to get to the ocean from our beloved city. There are bridges and bays and peninsulas and even mountains to consider when drawing a route from our house to the ocean.

But an hour is not too long for a daytrip. So this weekend we headed to the adorable seaside city of Santa Cruz to visit our very dear friends. And then we went to the beach! Little Maxwell was a champion. A bit hesitant at first he clung to his father like any good starfish should cling to the edges of bigger and sturdier things. But after just a few minutes he was squealing and bouncing and stomping with delight. His little toes didn't have much of a chance in the frigid Pacific water but they did, officially, sink into the ocean to make the trip complete. Phew!

As you see from the photos above, the little mister was accompanied by very good ocean-going cheerleaders of both the four-legged and two-legged sorts. I was also pretty pleased that he happened to be sporting his newly-made green baby pants. You know, for the baby-goes-to-the-ocean-for-the-first-time seaside dance. Of course.



  1. Oh, so sweet, and in perfect pants.

  2. Cute photos! and the pants are rad - do they come in big guy sizes?

  3. Yay Santa Cruz! Like Kevin, I too am loving those pants (and the fact that they match my shirt so well)!

  4. yay !
    you do know about the albany bulb right? it's not the pacific, but it's the bay... and only 15 minutes away.
    and lake temescal - if you go early enough on the weekends it's free. and during the week it's free. and when we went a couple of weekends ago the water was actually WARM... ;)
    we should go !

  5. How cute! What a great photo memory to have for the little one. And those pants make the scene! If it's any consolation, you know how close we are to Ccean beach ... we go maybe once a year ... sad, no?!

  6. denise: such a sweet day. glad you like the homemade pants! it made me smile just a little wider ;)

    kevin: thank you, friend. no big boy sizes for the pants just yet. maybe someday.

    shauna: such a fun trip to the beach. and good thing we were all color coordinated before we were covered in sand, eh?

    lisa: oh, so many new oakland places to learn about. and now that little max is just a bit bigger we'll be able to plan play dates. yay!

    kathryn: it's crazy, right? why don't we go to the beach all the time? i guess because it's often freezing! xoxo.


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