Studio Views and Work-in-Progress

If you were to step through the door of my studio this is what you'd see. (Warning: My studio is currently a big happy mess. It's that post-vacation creative explosion that often greets me upon returning.) So if you look to the wall on the right you'd see my inspiration lines holding that side of the studio to her inspired meanderings. I change things. I leave things. I collect things. I make things. And these things go up and down on the wall along with my moods. Sometimes they stay for months if the mood is agreeable. My current view:

I just added this little love note from my husband because it's just too damn cute not to savor. On crumbled paper and all. Fourteen years ago this month we wrote our very first of many love letters. Makes me blush to remember.

And if you looked down on my rather large work table you'd see this very new work-in-progress. It's a response to a call for work that is based on time. "Marking, tracking, measuring or keeping time". So this is a calendar of sorts. It's divided into 12 parts and each part has a red stitch for each day. And the days start on the day my son was born and I'm not certain when or how they will end. But, I trust I'll figure the ending out when I ...end it? Sometimes I have to start before I know how to end.

And on the other side of my desk you'll see this stack of books. I have a bit of a book habit. I'm a collector of books. Currently, it's a growing collection of art and craft books by friends and bloggers like Lisa Solomon, Mati McDonough, Maya Donenfeld, and Amanda Blake Soule. I keep returning to the books by Lotta Jansdotter on the bottom and I just purchased that top book by Handler and Kalman--what could be better than a collaboration between Handler and Kalman? I'm not sure.

And if you look to the wall on the left you'd see the calendar (by Leah Duncan) has been changed to August. August! Say it isn't so. And you'll see that the shop sign reads, "Open" again because I've just added a few new pieces and reopened my Etsy shop after our vacation. Hooray for open!

And let's not forget the floor. The floor! Yes, the last empty surface to be engulfed in my studio stacks. The floor. It's my final stacking space after all other stacking spaces have been taken. This particular arrangement is the result of treasuring hunting at the Alameda Flea Market on Sunday and documenting my loot for my friends over on Instagram. It's always fun to make an arrangement to document treasures. Perhaps I was a pirate in a former life. A flea market pirate? Perhaps so.

Thanks for visiting my studio, dear friends. I do hope I had the manners to serve you fresh peppermint tea and the carrot walnut raisin muffins I made earlier in the week. They are very tasty, I promise. And now I am happily returning to that new work-in-progress to see if I might sort out an ending. See you here next week.



  1. I love it all, your stuff is super sweet! You rock! I have nominated you for The Liebster Award- Come check it out at my blog! Keep creatin'!

    Megan Marie

  2. It's like a beautiful explosion of fun over there.

  3. i'm so honored to be in that book stack.
    p/s i have a few things that i think will fit m... need to get them to you !

  4. megan: how wonderful of you! thank you. and thank you for visiting my blog. very nice to "meet" you.

    denise: "a beautiful explosion". i like this very much.

    lisa: i'm honored to have your book on my desk, dear friend! yes, we need to make a tea date soon. xoxo.


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