Oh my, The Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards!

Dear friends,

I need your vote! I'm super excited to be a finalist for the Country Living Magazine 2012 Blue Ribbon Blogger Award. Oh. My. Gosh. Out of over 2,800 submissions I'm one of 21 finalists and one of only 3 finalists in the "craft" category. There are two parts to the award--one is judged by a panel of professionals and the other is the Reader's Choice Award. For the second part it's rather simple--the blogger with the most votes wins.

So, please take two seconds to vote "Made by Katrina" in the craft category. And while you're there take a peek around the other finalists too--some very inspiring blogs on that intimidating list. If you should be so moved, you can vote once every day until the voting closes on Sept 17. (My husband votes before 8am every morning but he declared public vows about such commitment! I will not hold you to such standards.)

I've been maintaining this corner on the internet for the past five years. (Blush. Yes, I'm showing my age.) But it's been five years of friendships and art ponderings and weekly views into my studio of art and craft. If you've been reading since the very beginning then I owe you a double-decker ice cream cone with sprinkles. And if you joined more recently then I hope you'll simply make yourself at home.



  1. c'mon readers, make your choice! Clearly Made by Katrina rocks!! xo

  2. Will do. Will do. Will skip across now and vote for you, dear Katrina.

  3. gracia: thank you, thank you! i'm happy for your vote.

  4. david: thank you for your enthusiasm, my dear! so glad you like this space i've carved out over here.

  5. I made my choice- hands down made by katrina!

  6. Good luck! I'm voting, voting, voting for you!

  7. shauna: thank you, love!

    denise: gratitude.

    shash: hooray! thank you, lady.

  8. curiously here:) I like such climates;)

  9. monika: welcome! so very glad you found your way to my blog. i hope you'll visit again.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.