Fingerless Gloves from Sweater Sleeves

There must be 117 uses for fingerless gloves between the months of September and April. There is something so cozy about slipping these soft creations over chilly hands that still need nimble fingers to work on other sewing projects. Or other typing projects. Or other cooking projects. Or any other project that calls for fingerless gloves and in the autumn and winter months-- what project doesn't call for fingerless gloves? Now, that is the question.

This pattern is really simple. You just lop off the bottom nine inches of machine felted sweater sleeves, measure the opening where your hand will emerge, cut binding to fit the opening (just like quilt binding), stitch the binding into place, cut a thumb hole, use a simple whip stitch to line the thumb hole in yarn and there you have it: no-knit, up-cycled, handmade fingerless gloves in just a few hours. I used to make these all the time and sold them in the early days of my Etsy shop. They make great gifts for the holidays too.

Autumn is in the air, my friends. I dream of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice and every recipe I crave seems to include apples, pumpkin, or pears. I'm nostalgic with the last of the grapes but eager with persimmons and pomegranates still to come. Mulled cider. Homemade chai. Sweater tights and leather boots and all sorts of woolen accessories like scarves, hats, shawls, gloves. The days grow shorter. The nights darken quicker. And somehow the seasonal calendar wants us to slow down just as the holidays ask us to speed up.

I want a wood stove. I want a walk through the fallen leaves and the overcast sky promising all sorts of geese and songbirds and other migratory creatures will depart for just a few months and then come back again. I want an afghan. An old movie. A heavy hardcover book. Good grief, friends, I want a cabin! But for now, these fingerless gloves will have to do.



  1. I want a cabin and a wood stove too! Great gloves, happy fall. xoxo

  2. I made my own sweater gloves though sadly they are the sad cousin to your beauties. I did nothing more than sew a little pocket for my thumb from a sleeve that had been unhappily nibbled by an industrious moth. As he's been busy, I think next time I'll upgrade to your fine version. Happy autumn! And as I sit here before my woodburner, I'd say yes, they are something good.

  3. david: cheers to cabins and woodstoves! one day, one day.

    kate: so nice to hear from you! yes, these gloves are pretty easy. but i also applaud your resourceful version to simply sew a pocket for your thumb. works just as well. hi you!


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