Screenprinting Workshop and Little Blue Stones

This weekend I took my first screenprinting workshop at Teahouse Studio. It's something I've wanted to do for-seemingly-ever but somehow I kept printing with other methods instead: letterpress, linoleum blocks, and carving my own rubber stamps. I did screenprint prayer flags on a commune in New Mexico when my husband and I traveled cross-country years ago, but this was hardly my foray into screenprinting. Being in the beautiful, remote, high desert I was more concerned with the resident bear than any prayer flag I ever did print! I digress.

I made this little blue stone print in this weekend's workshop. I was imagining those pretty blue-gray river rocks with their edges all smoothed to softness and how they nestle just perfectly in the palm of one's hand. So I sketched a few rocks, used an X-Acto knife to cut out the shapes, adhered the handmade stencil to the screen, and then printed. Surprisingly, easy! The prints on paper were a primer for the prints on fabric, but the workshop ended before I could print that smurf blue ink onto the white linen I had stashed in my bag. So, I only got the scrap green fabric printed before it was time to clean up. Well, shoot!

But I decided to cut the paper prints into little square tags. My son's first birthday is just around the corner (No, I cannot believe this is true) and I thought the little blue stones would be cute gift tags. I'm also imagining that green scrap fabric might find its calling as handmade infant pants. I predict there will be more screenprinting in my future. I'd like to think this will be in my near future but it might be a slightly more distant future when I don't have to worry so much about an 11-month-old dipping his cute, chubby hands into everything in reach. Cute, chubby, almost one-year-old hands. My goodness.



  1. Love the prints! Never enough time to do what you want to do in a workshop, is there? The second go'round is SO much better ... finding that out in my clay class now. And I can't believe he's almost one!

  2. great little stone design, and super cute tags! I really enjoy your blog...

  3. screenprinting is a true first love of mine. did you know this was an emphasis of mine when i got my bfa? screenprinting & ceramics <3

    let's print together in our magical make believe studio in the garden that we share together.

    plus, ONE? good golly.

  4. kathryn: thank you! i imagine i'll get better as i continue screenprinting. being a student is dreamy, isn't it? i love it.

    kevin: thank you, dear one. i'm so glad you like this space.

    jen: a true love! i can see how you loved it from the get go. and yes, our make believe studio needs some curtains and a wood stove for making tea. yes!


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