Studio Break: Pumpkins and Apples, Oh My.

This week it was simply time for a break. When my to-do list has multiplied into several sticky notes wrestling the stash of scissors and piles of thread and my work table is unrecognizable as an actual piece of wooden furniture there is only one thing to do: step away from the ledge. A friend of mine says this is the time to lie down on the floor and stare up at the ceiling until the world simply stops spinning. I like her very much.

And so we went to the pumpkin patch on Route 1 just north of Half Moon Bay and found ourselves pacing the rows of giant orange gourds happy to debate the size and stature of one perfect pumpkin from the next. We wheeled the little one along in a proper red cart and loaded pumpkins of all sizes. Truth be told, he preferred the tiny pumpkins to their larger siblings and found the hay much too scratchy for his soft skin. Sweet baby!

We also descended on the apple tree in our backyard and picked enough apples for two very large batches of applesauce. The pumpkins are now sitting proudly on the front steps with the newly added chrysanthemums and a few hardy herbs prepared to fight through winter. The diversion was rather effective. While, unfortunately, my to-do list was not magically accomplished by elves or fairies while I was away it does seem more manageable after a break. Isn't that always the truth?


PS--I'm honored to be a featured farmer on FarmMade. Yes, a farmer! Take a peek at the interview for more information about my little urban "farm".


  1. Love the pictures. Your little one is absolutely beautiful.

  2. stop. it. with that adorable baby. i need some squeeze time soon.


  3. the one of the misters is just heartbreakingly beautiful, but my favorite is the last. such a telling photo of my gorgeous friend living with such happi-mess. :) xoxo

  4. yay for breaks. i might have to try that lay down technique ;)

  5. belly: thank you! so nice of you to visit here.

    jen: come over and squeeze him anytime!

    karisa: i think i'll steal that word from you forever--happimess. that sums up parenthood completely.

    lisa: do try the lay down technique. it's also one of david's favorites ;)


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