Country Living Luncheon & Just Two Days in New York

The Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards luncheon was absolutely delightful! We toured their gorgeous high-rise offices in the Hearst Towers--some of the most stunning views of Central Park and Columbus Circle that I ever did see--and we met the staff and glimpsed the February issue still in-progress and we even peeked into their overstuffed props closet. Pretty fun. They made me feel right at home in some former version of my Brooklyn self. It's somewhat simple-- once you love New York you always love New York. I think that's a rule in some city guide handbook somewhere. I think so.

And then we sat at pretty round tables overlooking Central Park and ate tomato bisque soup, stuffed peppers with wild rice, grilled asparagus with roasted red pepper sauce, but the best part was the flourless chocolate cake and pistachio ice cream. (But you're at the mercy of a true sweet tooth, I admit.) The champagne, the wine, the coffee--it all swirled together to create a perfect intimate celebration. I had the honor of sitting next to craft judge Jodi Kahn and decorator Suzanne McGrath and we chatted all things craft, blog, motherhood, and what it takes to navigate a sometimes-uncertain and sometimes-percarious creative career. I adored them. And hope to have the chance to work/ meet/ lunch with them again.

We were only in New York City for two full days. So what do you do with just two days in one of your favorite cities filled with friends, art, boutiques, food and neighborhoods that you want to visit? You choose the few things you can actually do with a 12-month old and sing praises for being there at all! We walked Central Park and Times Square, made our way to the New Museum, and visited a favorite SoHo lunch spot--Hampton Chutney. We took the subway to Fort Greene in Brooklyn and stayed with friends, sipped scotch before shuffling off to bed way too early by NY standards. We trekked to Gorilla Coffee on 5th Avenue in Park Slope (our old beloved neighborhood) for a quick cup before making our way back over the Manhattan Bridge and ultimately to my family in Upstate New York.

It was a pretty magical adventure, albeit too short and sweet.


  1. Love your sweet post and reading about your trip! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Sounds like a weekend of perfection! What a memorable time you must have had! Congrats and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. andrea: thank you. lovely to meet you in nyc.

    kathryn: such a lovely few days in new york. never enough time in that pretty city. sigh. xo


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