Crafting in the Countryside & Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, I love being in Upstate New York. I just love it. I sometimes imagine that our bodies have a geographical memory. That they remember places and that the places remember us too. Like the land actually holds memory and that our bodies respond to this memory when we revisit these important places. You know, the kind of places that just live inside of us regardless of where we go?

The word, "home" is so complicated that I hesitate to describe it. It's personal, it's political, it's unstable, it's shifting, it's emotional, it's sentimental, it's subjective, and it's as multi-facated as the people who live there. But it's a word that we cannot go without. Home. It's where I grew up. It's where I first lived with my now husband- then boyfriend. It's where I currently raise my son. It's where I someday dream of living in a house of our own. And these are, of course, all different physical locations. But they are all "home" nonetheless. All mottled and muddled and perfectly co-existing in the spaces of my heart. Yes, home.

I'm at my mama's for the holiday: crafting, crafting, crafting. And then cooking. And then taking short daily adventures around the little one's nap schedule. We went to the nearby cider mill, a favorite antique store, the only coffee shop in town, and have taken many short walks into the neighboring hills. And, of course, we are cooking. And cooking. And did I mention cooking? The annual Thanksgiving feast is about to commence. And I am thankful. For so many things. For so many people. For so many experiences and opportunities and happenings.

Memory. In the land. In our cells. In our cells that make contact with the land. I'm telling you, I think it's true. And I wonder how my crafting changes when I'm in the home of my mama. When I'm near the person who taught me to sew. To knit. To craft. To make. I wonder if my hands stitch and cut and sew just a little bit differently. I am preparing for the upcoming Second Storie craft fair in Rochester, NY on Saturday, November 24th and I couldn't be happier. It's quite an honor to be a vendor in someplace so close to my hometown. If you're in the Rochester area, please come say hello.

Happy Tofurkey Day! May you eat too much pie and indulge in too much stuffing and soak in the gratitude of all your own thanksgivings. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.



  1. Beautiful photos and inspiring thoughts, as always. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. so pretty.
    say hi to all the awesome folks at second storie...

    see you soon friend

  3. Anonymous11/22/2012

    I am glad "to meet" you via an intro by Lisa. I look for forward to reading more of your posts in the days to come.

    VERY touching and true about Home, etc. ENJOY the holiday weekend with your husband, son, Mom, et al.

  4. "I sometimes imagine that our bodies have a geographical memory."

    Yes! Me too.


    (Beautiful images to accompany your musings too.)

  5. Lovely little adventure you tell. It looks like a lovely trip 'home'. Memories are so amazing. Do you sometimes wonder what your son will think of his first home? Good luck at the show!

  6. kevin: thank you, thank you.

    lisa: second storie was awesome! see newest post. hi you.

    anonymous: thanks so much for visiting. and commenting. so nice to meet you. and to share our love for lisa!

    gracia: yes, yes, yes.

    kathryn: yes! i wonder what he'll remember about these very first years of life. oh, how i wonder. xoxo.

  7. I always feel that when I come "home" to my childhood home, it takes me in and gives me a big hug, kicks in the heat or blows a breeze though just for me. It lets me borrow the piece of me that I left behind, just for a while. The home also leaves me clues and paper memories to give me no choice but to dream in reverie. I can, I swear, feel the emotion of that house, and amazingly in our "new" home, I can feel it too. That's how I know it's right.


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