Handmade Halloween Costume: Cloud Baby

I made a cloud costume for my son's very first Halloween. Yes, a cloud. For months I was planning a garden gnome but in the final weeks I was forced to reconsider when I finally admitted, "But he hates wearing hats and he'll probably hate wearing a fake beard too." Ho hum. So I'm hoping the garden gnome costume might see its 10 minutes of fame next Halloween instead. Truth be told, I think the cloud only stayed on him for 10 minutes total. Okay, maybe 15.

After making a handful of cloud mobiles earlier this year I decided to make a cloud costume too. Why not, right? So this super easy "front-pack" costume design could have featured most anything at all. (Though I was torn between a cloud and a big puffy star right up until I was in the fabric store making my purchase.) I created this simple costume after seeing the blueberry pie costume that Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst pinned to her boards. The blueberry pie is simply amazing.

Cloud this year, garden gnome next year, or if my son won't wear the gnome costume then maybe I'll make it for my husband instead. Oh, gosh! He'd shudder. I hope your Halloween was happy.



  1. If you're making full size gnome costumes for next Halloween - sign me up! Awesome cloud...

  2. What a handsome cloud. I love it, Katrina, a Cloud Baby Halloween Costume. Brilliant.

  3. kevin: you are first in line for the adult-sized garden gnome costume. careful! i just might make you one.

    lisa: thank you!

    gracia: aw, so glad you like it. it felt like the perfect costume for his very first halloween.

  4. Katrina, I could almost hear your voice as I read this post! It was wonderful getting to meet you in New York and I look forward to keeping in touch! I just love your blog. :-) Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family!


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