Second Storie Indie Market, I Heart You.

[A few favorite things I collected from the vendors at Second Storie.]

[A view of the market from my table: note adorable hanging banners.]

[My sweetie built the tiny table wardrobe complete with mini custom hangers.]

[A peek at my table: letterpress goods, monsters, and new infinity scarves.]

[Taking a tea break, post-this-fair, pre-the-next one.]

Second Storie Indie Market was one of my all-time favorite craft fairs. Yes, all-time favorites. As a seller, shopper, and lover of all things indie arts & crafts, I was absolutely smitten with this fair in Rochester, NY. From the careful curation by the organizers, to the mix of talented vendors, to handmade decorations, to the local food trucks, to the constant stream of grateful shoppers it was a true treat to be a vendor at this market. There were just 38 of us and that felt like an ideal number. And such a treat to meet and connect with new crafty folks mostly from the east coast.

I wish I'd stopped to chat with each vendor about his/ her goods and talents but I was hustling to prepare my own table and tend to my own goods. (In my next life I'm going to come back as two of me so I can be in two places at once. Technology, science, and invention--I'm counting on you!) I was fortunate to trade goods with a handful of favorite vendors. In the top photo above you see the cross-stich letterpress cards by Pistachio Press, You Are Awesome by Abbey Hendrickson, letterpress cards and 3-D letterpress ornaments (Oh my, cute) by Blackbird Letterpress, decals by Shanna Murray, and more letterpress cards by Ink + Wit. These ladies are the real deal. Small Bird Jewelry, French Press, and Cecelia Hayes were also favorites.

But I think every single booth would have been a favorite if I had more time to browse. I mean, the fair was THAT good, friends. Phew. I want to go back and shop and peruse and chat and photograph and dream up collaborations with just about every single crafter there. Wouldn't that be perfect? Careful curation, good organization, adorable decorations, yummy food, and overall talented folks. That was the recipe for goodness.

Maybe in my next life me (with the second me) I'll spend more time curating, organizing, and producing art/ craft events like this one. Yes, maybe so. But in this immediate life, the next up in my own craft fair line-up? I'll be at Teahouse Studio Holiday Fair in Berkeley on Sunday, Dec 2, at the Adobe Holiday Trunk Show on Dec 4, and at The Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco Holiday Market on Dec 15 and 16.

Okay then, back to the studio. One stitch at a time.



  1. Katrina, your table is just adorable... and what a fun market! I think I could have spent all day there. :-) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. LOVE that peace card!

  3. So good to meet you, Katrina! And thank you for your lovely comment above and on my blog. I wish I had done a trade with you!! Hope you make your way back here, but I will be sure to keep in touch with you and keep my eye on all you are doing. Enjoy the Holiday season!

  4. i just saw that book at needles & pens & i totally need it too! so cute :) see you sunday my sweet.

  5. andrea: it was such a lovely fair. happy thanksgiving to you.

    steph: it's by blackbird press. i love her work!

    cecelia: we'll have to trade at the next second storie market :) lovely to meet you.

    jen: i think you'd love abbey's work. and her blog. and her!


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