Order Up the Elves, Please.

Dear friends,

Let's face it--my tree should be trimmed, my stockings hung, my presents made, my presents wrapped, my cards in the mail, and my kitchen full of homemade cookies. I know, I know. And I am no Ebenezer Scrooge. On the spectrum of "like" to "dislike" I fall squarely in the "I pretty much like Christmas alright" category. (Okay, aside from the competitive shoppers and the skyrocketing price of plane tickets I'm otherwise aboard with all things crafty-baked goods-vintage ornaments-holiday music on repeat-type of winter cheer.)

So. Where's the evidence of my holiday merry? That's a very good question. I did manage to wrap the gifts (pictured above) being mailed across the country. I even managed a few handmade gift tags, some fabric tape, and my usual kraft brown paper. But our own Christmas tree is still waiting in a parking lot somewhere in my beloved Oakland. A small tree. A plump tree. A good-for-a-toddler tree that we have yet to purchase. I know, I know. One week until the big event. Katrina, get on with it!

So I'm going. I'm going tomorrow. I promise. In the name of all things Christmas crafty this week I will bake cookies. And get a tree. And trim that tree. And finish the very few handmade gifts because, truth be told, I have used most of my Christmas craftiness for the recent craft fairs and my fingers are full of pinpricks and paper cuts. Ouch. But I'll use a thimble. I'll crank up the holiday music and get serious.

And... I will be back later in the week with a tutorial on how to make a homemade stocking from a wool skirt. I'm going to make one myself so I'll show you how to make one too. Don't learn from my example-- I hope your own home is already bustling with Merry Holiday Winter Solstice Christmas Hanukkah Cheer. I've been collecting virtual merriment over on Pinterest. Just to hold me over.



  1. Wonderful seeing you at Renegade! You have EVERY excuse to be behind with decorating! And don't feel alone ... we're hoping to still find a tree on Friday, eek! At least your son won't remember the last minute holidays ... my daughter will!

  2. The peanut butter chocolate thumbprint cookies were delicious. Thanks love. xo

  3. kathryn: you are kind! glad to know i wasn't the only last-minute-holiday-crafter! so good to see you at the renegade craft fair. xo

    david: you are welcome. cookies are good medicine, so i have been told. xo.


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