Studio Tour: My Corner for Creating

One day, I will have a studio in a converted barn. I will scuff my boots along uneven barn wood floors, hang mismatched curtains over mismatched windows, find the perfect industrial pendant lights for overhead, and I will even have a daybed for reading, writing, and out-of-town guests. Let's not forget three tables: one for computer work, one for messy print work, and one for clean textile work. And shelves. Lots of shelves. And one very large inspiration wall for all the pretty things that need to be tacked up in one's studio. There might be a large dog slumped against the leg of one of those studio tables or maybe a sweet feline curled into a furry ball on the daybed. One day.

But for now, truth be told, I am quite happy with my current studio space. It's tucked into one side of our small 600 sq foot apartment but it's convenient for short work sessions while the little one naps or longer work sessions when daycare is arranged. In this current work space I love the amazing all-day natural light, the pretty hardwood floors, and the built-in shelves for storage. Regardless of its tiny size, of all the studio spaces I've ever had, I think I like this one best.

I have recently purged the studio too--taken all the pretty things off the walls and started fresh with new inspirations. I've cleaned the desk, rearranged the shelves, and set aside several bags for the goodwill. I am an admitted collector and treasure seeker but I also have a forged commitment to clearing clutter before it overwhelms. This is a skill I've honed from many years of living in small city apartments that doubled as work and living space. I have to keep it tidy or it quickly loses its charm and its ability to actually function. (Here, here.)

I love visiting other artists' studios. I love to see how they organize their space. Where they hang their inspirations. What tools they keep atop their desks. What strange and beautiful collections amass on ledges and shelves. There are so many wonderful design blogs that feature artists' live/ work spaces but I especially love the book Open Studios with Lotta Jansdotter and the wonderful blog, In the Make: Studio Visits with West Coast artists. I've created my own Dream Studio board over on Pinterest--complete with uneven barn wood floors and industrial pendant lamps, of course.

I firmly believe that a dedicated creative space is essential for creative work. (Those of you with longtime studio space might agree?) Even if you don't yet have your own studio-- one end of the kitchen table, an over-sized desk, or an entire guest bedroom are the perfect spaces to set-up shop. Collect some favorite postcards to pin to the wall, clean out an old wooden crate to house favorite books or magazines, and find a pretty old mason jar to hold your pens and pencils. Voila! Your makeshift studio space awaits.



  1. lovely tour!!!! great photos!

  2. Shauna1/22/2013

    It's the best time of the year to purge-- after the New Year and before WES! I've got bags ready. Is it a date?

  3. Lovely to see you today and wonderful to see the peek into your studio. So very lovely. So much fun to dream, isn't it?!

  4. yes yes and yes.
    you will have a barn [or the like] someday. i never thought i would have something like what i do.

  5. I love your studio space, Katrina! It looks like the perfect place to create. The clothespin garland is adorable and the blue ribbon looks just right hanging there on the wall. :-)

  6. Thank you for sharing your studio space! I think it's wonderful and inspiring. I think you'll have a barn and a shop and the dog, cat and hot cocoa too.

  7. diana: thank you! and thanks for visiting here.

    shauna: YES to WES. yes.

    kathryn: so good to see you. and so good to peek into other artist's studios and dream.

    lisa: yes! i love this. one day, one day.

    andrea: thank you! it's a good little corner of the house for my creative work. and yes, the blue ribbon found it's new home :)

    beth: oh, gosh. i hope so. a barn studio. a gallery/ shop. and a place to teach too. maybe not all in the same decade. but cocoa, yes!

  8. hi hi! i'm new to your space, and finding my way here via interwoven. wondering - as i so often do - what did you with the pretty things you took OFF of your walls? do you keep them somewhere? or move them on? something i struggle with myself.

  9. emily-- so nice to "meet" you! this is a very good question. also a challenge for me and my current small studio space. often i return them back to their original collection (postcards in the postcard drawer, garland with the other garland, etc) but sometimes i recycle things, give them away, or turn them into something new. xo


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.