My Last Pack of Polaroid Film

This weekend I convinced a dear friend to join me for a photo shoot in the streets of Oakland. We chose a few vintage dresses, braved the chilly morning air, and settled on a beautiful spot in the neighborhood to practice several "somewhat anonymous girl shots" with my digital camera before moving on to my last pack of Polaroid film.

I have been asked to submit images for a Polaroid exhibition in San Francisco and I decided it was time. Time to unwrap the very last pack of film stashed safely in my desk drawer and take my chances with the instant film powers that be. (That was the impetus to last week's All You Need Is Love shoot too, truth be told.) 

I can't believe that just a few years ago I was shooting Polaroid film like it would be around forever. (Denial is a powerful state!) Then I watched in disbelief as the announcement spun across the internet declaring that the film would no longer be manufactured. And then the prices kept creeping higher and higher on Ebay and Etsy but I still never imagined that one day I would actually shoot my very last Polaroid image. Gasp! The time has come.

I have not yet tried The Impossible Project film as I've been holding on to my nostalgia for the original Polaroid packs. But I think it's time for that too. Though I'd still like to believe that one day I will pull up to a garage sale and stumble upon an entire crate of Polaroid film that just happened to stay away from the skyrocketed prices on Ebay as it was divinely intended for me.

Hopelessly romantic? Say it isn't so.



  1. Cute Pics! Can't believe Polaroids might be coming to an end...

  2. My model made it easy to get cute pics! And, I know, I can't believe it either but I think it's time to admit the end. Sigh.

  3. Darling pictures! I had no idea the film was so expensive!

  4. andrea: i know. it's tragic how expensive it's become. i do still holdout for the romantic idea of stumbling across a box of film at a garage sale. oy!

  5. thank you katrina, its really nice blog and i really like it...beautiful images....

    1. such kind words. thank you for visiting here with me.


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