Apple Blossoms and an Easter Egg Tree

I decided my Easter table needed one more thing: an Easter egg tree. After last week's natural dye extravaganza, I did a bit of research, collected some images, and made my own last-minute Easter egg tree. My minimal ingredients were simple: living branches (I used cuts from our flowering apple tree), felt eggs on strings, one glass clip-on bird ornament, and a healthy dose of this-will-do-just-fine. A collection of small wooden eggs will have to wait until next year to be made into hanging ornaments. And I'm on the lookout for a set of hand-painted wooden eggs like these beauties I found at the flea market years ago. (Of course, I should have bought them. Hrmph.)


Every Easter my mother would decorate a small Easter egg tree in the corner of our kitchen. I loved taking the tiny ornaments from their careful wrappings to hang them one-by-one on a thin white branch as the parade of chicks, eggs, and bunnies came to twirl across the kitchen. Ours was a small bare tree spray-painted white and the decorations, of course, grew over the years to include a menagerie of spring characters.  (From my bit of research, it seems this is an Austrian-German tradition that started by decorating trees in the yard outside the home and one particularly famous tree has nearly 10,000 eggs! Now that's Easter inspiration.)

I considered finding some bare branches to spray paint white until I came across images of living branches and my heart fluttered her springtime wings. Living branches, but of course! I'm keeping simple and earthy with felt, wood, and smatterings of apple blossoms but I thought it needed just a little bit of shimmer so I added the silver glass bird at the last minute. I think she's happy to perch in our Easterly branches and something tells me she might resurface at Christmas too.

I think I'm sold on this Easter decorating kick. Bunnies, chicks, pretty dyed eggs, apple branches blooming on my kitchen table and small baskets full of chocolate candy--what's not to love? Even the offcuts from the apple branches were just too pretty to toss into the compost bin so I'm leaving them to dry on various shelves and trays around our apartment. So, for those of you who celebrated--I hope your Easter was happy. And for those of you who did not--I hope your homes are happily full of spring.



  1. This post makes me remember so much of a handful of my history. #1 - I am glad you mentioned Austro- German. My guess would have been Eastern European. If you are searching, I'd bet you could find Polish or Ukranian wooden eggs somewhere, somehow. (Dream vacation #3 for me is to head on over to Hungary, so I'll pick some up for you, I promise.)
    The second flashback of Easter decorating fun came to me while reading this. It is of the little 1:1 scale ceramic eggs in a ceramic basket that sat in our living room to wish all that saw it a Happy Easter. The little basket of eggs with Easter grass of course, beckoned the bunnies and celebrated the Christ has Risen! It did that for Easter. Then again for Memorial Day and probably the Fourth of July too.
    As we both know, a Mother's work takes precedent, not so much sleep and a whole lot of priority. Well, let's just say the priority was not to be seasonally relevant in our house. At least our Christmas tree came down in due time, I suppose.

    1. yes, yes. it seems the easter egg tree finds its roots in austro- german tradition but the painted wooden eggs are often polish or ukranian. i LOVE them. and i love the image of your mother's ceramic eggs that might have sat by the door happily until summer. perfect.

  2. Beautiful photos!


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