New Show Up for April (I Heart Oakland)

Hello friends,

I hope you are enjoying the onset of April. I always think of the lines from the T. S. Eliot poem, The Waste Land, when he writes, "April is the cruelest month..." and how I would nod in agreement when I read this poem on the east coast. But, truth be told,  I think April was much crueler when I lived in New York than it is in mild, sunny, sometimes-overcast Oakland, California. It does not feel so cruel here. It feels more like lilacs, wisteria, daffodils, iris, ranunculus, and anemones all blooming wildly across the yards and the promise of spring planted firmly in our farmers' markets, gardens, and the terracotta planters along our pathways.

All these thoughts of rain and flowers and the many promises of spring have inspired my new work at the Interface Art Gallery in Oakland. I'm thrilled to be the featured artist in the gallery shop for the month of April. So thrilled that I created six new original soft sculptures-- three hanging cloud mobiles and three monster friends-- to punctuate my excitement.

My collection of work is standing proudly inside the front door complete with letterpress and linoleum prints, notebooks, bookmarks, and note cards; decorative paper garlands; one tiny embroidered artwork about rain; and a smattering of new fabric sculptures. The prints have even received mini makeovers in the form of new packaging and a few handsome white frames.

I'm really honored to have my work selected to be the feature in the shop and I'm honored to stand alongside the notable artists that the curator at Interface has assembled. As you know, I have ever-evolving dreams of owning a community art space/ art residency center/ gallery/ indie shop/ craft workshop space/ gathering place for creatives. (That's quite a list, right? I know. I like to keep things interdisciplinary around here.)

And so I take careful notes when my attention is turned towards new and thoughtful spaces that exist along these lines or help to blur these lines into something innovative and new. Temescal Alley is an inspiring tiny shopping district in my dear Oakland full of indie designers, crafters, artists, and now this amazing new gallery is there too. We went to the opening celebration for the Art Murmur/ First Fridays and it reminded me of the many things I love about Oakland's art community including roadside tacos, acoustic guitars, and a gaggle of toddlers twirling madly before dusk.

My work will be up through the end of the month so stop in and say hello if you get a chance. And if you do stop by-- ask for the curator, Suzanne, and tell her that Katrina sent you. I hope your April is filling with the romance of lilacs, the promise of tiny lettuces, and all sorts of crafty inspiration.



  1. Katrina,

    Congratulations on being the featured artist at the gallery this month! I wish I didn't live across the United States from you, I'd stop in to the gallery. How exciting! ~ Dori ~

    1. you are so kind! thanks for the good cheer and kind wishes. it's really a lovely oakland gallery and i'm thrilled to show work there.

  2. I have become your long winded commentor...my deepest apologies.

    I wanted to say this week, congratulations on the absolutely charming display of your creations. Beautiful, sweet and inspiring.

    I can see April being cruel. You, my friend however, have decided to look away from the rain and the lingering cold and not get down with the wavering weather and uncertain heat. You look at the flowers. Change your perspective. I like that. I always feel like "How is it April already?" and I am gearing up for a crazy and busy summer of big projects and abbreviated deadlines. It's a good month, but perhaps cruel to someone bored or stir crazy or for someone who has just missed out. Perhaps alcohol should be on sale all month. I'd be okay with that.

    Lastly, on a ridiculous note, every time I see "ranunculus", it wisks me (rather, jars me) back to Latin class. It sounds Latin and probably is. It sounds like "homounculus" which is uncle, I think. Just like any young Latin quasi scholar, I am still constantly going through declensions and modifying words and looking for their root word, most likely incorrectly, but it makes me feel like I learned something at some point that is greater than I. Ew. Shorter next week, I promise.

    1. you do not have to apologize for long comments! i have a soft spot for long letters so yours fits right in nicely. april IS cruel on the east coast, right? it is not so cruel in california. it is hardly cruel in march or even february. i love your love of latin. xo

  3. excited to see your work there, my friend. sorry i missed the murmur, but.... will make it in... XO

    1. no worries about the murmur, my friend. but do say hello to suzanne if she's gallery sitting when you visit. you two should meet. and temescal alley gets cuter by the minute. xoxoooh.


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