You Are Invited & Please Wish Me Luck

My dear friends,

You are cordially invited to join me at this weekend's premier of Failure of the Sign is the Sign. We open on Friday night and I am head over heels excited for this collaboration. As many of you know, I was commissioned by choreographer, Hope Mohr Dance, to create and build a set inspired by the human body and built almost entirely of fabric. After much conversation we agreed that the dance would conceptually take place inside the body and most of my work has been based on anatomical drawings of the major organs. (You can read about the process over here and over here.)

Imagine 20 soft sculptures built from fabric, stuffed with just about every type of fiberfill imaginable, two large hanging quilts, and several tree branches wrapped in fabric and hung from the ceiling. We are almost there. Almost! The show previews on Thursday so my work must be done by 8pm on Thursday night--every last string snipped and every last stitch, stitched.

I will show you photos later in the week but for now, I just wanted to pop-in and invite you to join me if you are in town. The show runs Friday and Saturday night at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm at ODC theater on 17th and Shotwell in San Francisco. More details on the ODC website. And for those of you out-of-town--stay tuned. I'll be back with photos shortly.

Now, please do wish me luck!



  1. Katrina, this is amazing and what an accomplishment. I've enjoyed your posts so far about the process and look forward to seeing pictures and reading more about it. Wish I didn't live clear across the United States - I'd be there! ~ Dori @ theredfeedsack.blogspot.com ~

    1. Thank you, Dori! I don't feel like I've been a very good crafty blogger lately, so thank you for your encouragement. Such a huge collaboration. Amazingly finished.

  2. Luck wishes being sent your way.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I needed them.

  3. Love the photo on the invite, and the Louise Bourgeois references too. Her Fabric Works are fantastical, aren't they.

    Glad to know (from instagram and newest post) that all was a smashing success.

    Well done. And here's to more adventures!


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