Upcoming Solo Exhibition: Mixed Media on Paper

My friends,

I'm thrilled to announce my upcoming solo exhibition, Still Time for Us Together in the Woods, will open on June 14 at Oakland's cutest vintage boutique, Halmoni Vintage. The lovely shop owner/ curator contacted me several months ago about a solo exhibition. But as the date now draws near, I'm getting super excited about this new body of work. It's been a very busy spring in my studio but after this show opens I'm going to protect some summer downtime, so it makes this exhibition feel even more important. To be honest, it makes me a little short of breath. In a good way.

The show is based on a series of narrative poems I wrote for my master's thesis in graduate school--the title comes from the manuscript too. I'm taking various lines and images from the collection to create all new images on paper. Without giving too much away, I'll say that the work will include vintage photographs (found and taken from my own family), collage images of North American woodland creatures (songbirds, bears, rabbits, foxes, etc), image transfers, and various sewn details. I'm still scouring thrift stores for vintage photos, vintage fabric, and vintage frames. Yes, I'm taking this vintage theme seriously. What a good excuse, right?

The work for this exhibition is a sort of homecoming for me--starting from poetry as source material to incorporate bookarts and textile techniques into new forms. But more so, it feels important to bring this manuscript out of the desk drawer and to reconsider its many themes--family, lineage, love, loss, intimacy, communication, and the urban/ rural wilderness. But more simply the work is about "home". In all its complications and ideals and challenges and bittersweet nostalgia. So...

If you're in town, I have all my fingers crossed that you'll join me for the opening. I would l-o-v-e your good company.


PS--I'm teaching four artist's fundraising workshops in the next three weeks with one public offering at Intersection for the Arts on June 1. Join me if you'd like to learn about fundraising for artists (my desk job for nearly 12 years before my son was born). Use the code, "incubatorfriend" for a 20% off secret discount when you register online.


  1. Awesome news! I look forward to seeing the show at Halmani.

    1. Thank you, Kevin. So glad you'll be seeing the work in-person. xoxo

  2. so exciting ! can't wait to see !

    1. oh, thank you dear friend. feels like the finish line is faraway but i know it's just around the corner. xo


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