Instant NOUN: Polaroid Exhibition at Rare Device


I'm so excited (really, excited) to be included in the upcoming Polaroid show Instant NOUN opening at Rare Device in San Francisco this Friday night from 6-8pm. The show is curated by my dear friend and all-around art inspiration, Lisa Solomon, and she's put together a stellar crew of instant photography loving artists such as: Leslie Sophia Lindell, Andrea Jenkins, Jen Lake, Bob Lake, and Lisa, herself, to name just a few of the 14 folks included.


The show runs from June 7- July 2 and the images will also be available online for you out-of-town Polaroid friends. I have 10 images in this show and all 10 prints will be available to view and purchase through the Rare Device website but I must warn you--they are super limited edition so act fast if you are interested! And, of course, I can make custom prints for you once the show comes down but these exhibition prints are super duper limited in quantity--just 4 of each.

And if that wasn't enough, Friday night is actually a double-header in our household. My sweet husband, David Szlasa, will be a Triangle Lab Investigator Artist at my workplace alma mater, Intersection for the Arts, for their annual art benefit, The Changemaker Social, from 7-10. (Art auction with over 50 local artists, live performances, and overall art party too.) This means we're pony up for a babysitter and leaving our little cherub while we make the rounds for a double-header in San Francisco this Friday night. You are cordially invited to join me for an adult beverage at either event. Oh, please do. I'd love to toast with you.

But, before I go, I must offer a public, thank you so very much, to those of you who left comments on last week's post. It felt really vulnerable to put all those thoughts and feelings about risk and failure and growth out into the world and I was made buoyant and brave again by your kind support. Truly, I was. So, thank you. For letting this space grow with me and for letting me bring any side of my studio self into this realm, as needed.

You make a girl feel like she's part of something much bigger than herself.



  1. Your photos look great! I'll definitely catch you for a drink on Friday.

  2. So good to see you!!! xoxo


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.