You are Going to Want to Give Up. Don't.

My solo exhibition, Still Time for Us Together in the Woods, has been postponed. There will not be an opening this Friday at Halmoni Vintage because Halmoni flooded earlier this week. What horrible news. The dear shop owner/ curator has to close as she assesses the damages and makes repairs. I have to admit that my heart is a bit deflated around the edges looking more like a flattened bed pillow and less like a shiny helium balloon. Luckily, my work was scheduled to be installed the day after the flood so all of my work was unharmed. That's my silver lining, for certain.

So I wait. If Halmoni can't host the exhibition then I'll find another space that will. But, oh, heart. I keep thinking of this image I saw on Pinterest that simply read, "You are going to want to give up. Don't." And I keep thinking about how that phrase is my motto today. But I keep coming back to what I really, really want to be doing/ making/ teaching/ sharing/ learning and, ultimately, I don't feel like I have the option to give up on this exhibition. Not now.

So, I'm turning to other studio projects and staying tuned. Deflated. But determined too. I'll see you here next Monday, friends. I'm going to give myself permission to drink several cups of tea and spend some quality time staring aimlessly out the window. That sounds like my remedy.



  1. So sorry dear Katrina, we'll find another place to show this beautiful work.

    1. Oh, dear, you. Thank you for all the cheers. I do believe I'll find another place for this work. Just waiting for now. Thank you.


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