I Love Lists: 20 Summertime Inspirations.

  1. Lavender. I have batches of lavender drying all over the house.
  2. Homemade granola because, truthfully, I like making simple foods like fresh salads, hearty soups, simple sandwiches, decadent smoothies, all types of teas, and homemade lemonades. But I like things that bake in the oven the very best: Muffins, cookies, scones, pies, and lately I'm making granola in the mornings when the house is still cool enough.
  3. Loose leaf tea and my mini quilt coaster.
  4. Bunches of flowers from the farmer's market. Every Single Sunday. It's a $5 dose of flower therapy for my kitchen.
  5. Soap recipes for the dried lavender. Maybe infused bath salts instead.
  6. Homemade Popsicles. And feeling like homemade Popsicles are so trendy until I talk to my mom and, of course, she was making homemade Popsicles when I was just a kid but she didn't have the pretty molds we have today. So far a mango, yogurt, and lime combination is my favorite. (Just put it all in the blender and then pour into the molds and then freeze. Easy.)
  7. Our container garden spilling with herbs: peppermint, basil, sage, thyme, and oregano. And, yes, lavender.
  8. And tomatoes, how could I forget the tomatoes?!?
  9. I'm making a summer dress. But it's designed around one piece of upcycled fabric and it's making the entire process so fussy that I have to work really, really slowly or I end up spending more time ripping out the seams than sewing new ones. But another summer dress. A dress!
  10. Two upcoming textiles workshops. I'm not even teaching, I'm just attending. One in dressmaking and one in natural dyes. Oh, heart.
  11. Jam. Strawberry-rhubarb jam because my husband wanted strawberry jam and I convinced him that strawberry jam is much happier when it's accompanied by rhubarb. And, of course, when I said, "much happier" I was actually talking about myself. 
  12. Poetry. And nonfiction. And design magazines. And attempts to read away from the computer every chance I get. Amen.
  13. Yoga. Weekly yoga.
  14. Swimming. In the redwoods. In Berkeley.
  15. Jean shorts. A rekindled love affair with good old cutoffs.
  16. And, oh! So excited to have received an artist grant from the Creative Capacity Fund. I'm lucky to live in California where we have ample funding for artists.
  17. Lime basil lemonade.
  18. Cabins and cottages in Upstate New York and daydreaming about our next family visit.  
  19. Blue and white stripes on everything--my canvas tote, a thrifted linen jacket, and a new-to-me cotton dress. Indigo is everywhere and I'm hopping aboard.
  20. Computer work but it's not nearly as pretty as the lavender. So let's go back to the lavender. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat summer... end lavender.


  1. Dear Katrina, I love your blog. Not sure I've ever told you that before... but thought I would! Love all the things on your list too! ~ Dori ~

    1. dori--THANKYOU! such kind words from you and they do really, really inspire. so thank you. for sharing.

  2. pretty summerliscious [you have me making up words]

    1. i think that's a byproduct of studying poetry. i feel entitled to make up words and to encourage made up words in others! summerlicious to you. xo


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