In My Other Life: I Heart New York, Big Time.

Dear friends,

As some of you know, at heart I am an east coast/ west coast hybrid. No matter how long I stay in California I cannot shake my New York roots. And no matter how many times I travel back to New York I always feel like a Californian when I visit. I know many of you can relate--moving far away from your biological families or simply feeling like you belong in two places at once. Since my son was born we've made it a priority to travel back to New York for longer stretches to visit family, friends, and soak in the drastically different landscape. Oh, the lure of a New York summer.

By the time you read this I will be high in the friendly skies with my 22-month-old son and my beloved husband. And, hopefully, my 22-month-old will be happily distracted from the travel blues and completely engrossed in new palm-sized books and trucks and stickers. Oh, please, yes. We are heading to Upstate New York for nearly a month. A month! We have diligently carved out this time to make an extended trip east and I cannot wait to get there.

We'll take every opportunity to experience a true east coast summer complete with the standard requirements: fireflies, thunderstorms, and roadside ice cream stands where we can saunter up to the window in our flip-flops and confidently order a "twist". Add to this list hopes for freshwater swimming, multiple barbecues with family and friends, and a few pulse-inducing pullovers to roadside antique stands. That's my extended wishlist.

I'm going to keep posting here on Mondays while I'm away. I'll be sharing travel stories and iPhone photos and all sorts of rural adventures. If I had my way, I'd spend half my time in the urban heart of my beloved Oakland surrounded by the arts and culture that I currently call home, and the other half in an old farmhouse tucked into the wooded countryside of Upstate New York--complete with a barn converted into art studios while I'm getting specific.

More soon! Wish me luck for toddler travels. My fingers are triply crossed and suitcases bulging at the seams.


PS--I'll see you back here on Monday, Sept 9. To all my stateside friends, enjoy Labor Day on Monday, Sept 2.


  1. Oh my gosh, you are going to have so much fun.

    I was born in Chicago and have feelings similar to yours about New York and California, but I also have to throw in feelings from Arizona after spending a chunk of my life there, too.

    Enjoy your fireflies!

    1. Denise: It's always such a feeling of tug-a-war. I'd like to live in Upstate New York and Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA all at once. Thank you, the fireflies are fantastic.

  2. so ! how was the flight. i better better than you imagined. we always prep for the worst right??
    have a BLAST on that coast xo

    1. Hi friend. It was better than I imagined, of course. But required even more books, crayons, stickers, and tiny little trucks than I had anticipated! Thank you, darlin. So nice to have our little one and our parents all in the same room. xo


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