'Tis the Season: My Only Holiday Craft Fair this Winter


I'm only doing one holiday craft fair this year and it's just two weeks away. That's right--just one. Last year I did six fairs and that was just too many. So this year I am really pairing down and focusing on just one local, lovely, little fair. I'll be a vendor at the Holiday Artisan Fair in Temescal Alley in Oakland, CA. The alley is so close to my house I could probably throw a stone if I was a stronger pitcher. Okay, a much stronger pitcher but it's close. The fair is in the alley from 11-4 on Sunday, Dec 8. (The entrance to the alley is at 486- 49th Street, just 1/2 a block from Telegraph Ave.)

I love the shops in Temescal Alley. I love the spirit of Temescal Alley. I love Interface Art Gallery in Temescal Alley. And I love the curator at Interface Gallery in Temescal Alley and she's one of the coordinators. This makes it a win-win. And, did I mention that I can walk there? That's a huge bonus in the craft fair world when sometimes I've traveled across several miles or even several states for a fair. This time? My own beloved Oakland.

I'm looking around my studio taking note of what items will get packaged up for the fair, what items will come along as they are, and what items will be made new just for the occasion. As some of you know, I used to be a teaching assistant in a letterpress studio so I had unlimited access to beautiful presses and type. My life has taken several turns since then and I no longer print as much as I'd like. But I will have a handful of letterpress prints at the fair. And, mostly, I'll have a smattering of one-of-a-kind objects that take many moons and many songs to make. But I make them because they are my favorites.

I'll have some new fabric bead necklaces--completely hand-stitched using fabric scraps including fabrics that were hand-dyed with plants. I'll have a small selection of monsters and new handmade soft toys. And I'll have a very limited selection of new cloud mobiles--also completely hand-stitched using Lotta Jansdotter fabric scraps. Her designs are so gorgeous. And I'll also have a handful of paper garlands that double as whimsical decor throughout the year and Christmas tree garland for the holidays. Some hand-printed notebooks, a few cards, you get my drift.

Some of this work is currently available in my Etsy shop. And if any of the one-of-a-kinds do not sell at the craft fair then I'll make them available in my shop soon after. I'll let you know if that's the case. Depending on the crowds, sometimes they go fast. And, lastly, I simply cannot believe this week is Thanksgiving.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the states! May your apple pie be warm and your company delightful.



  1. beautiful creations... i am in love with your cloud mobiles.

    1. thank you, jenny! i am going to make a handful of new could mobiles for this upcoming fair. if there are any remaining after the sale i'll post them on etsy. and it's a short, one-day, new local fair so i think there might be some one-of-a-kinds to offer online afterwards. thanks for your kind words! xo


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