Thankful as Paper Letters on a String


I wanted to make this "thankful" banner before Thanksgiving but the crafty stars just did not align. Ho hum. In early November, I trolled Pinterest and Etsy for a handmade version I might buy to hang on the wall by our kitchen table but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. And oftentimes it's just better to wait. I kept thinking about acorns and pine cones and feathers strewn from hemp twine--and maybe I'll get to that for next autumn--but I really wanted a banner.

A banner with text. A banner that said something about giving thanks or being thankful. And, truth be told, I wanted it to be a banner I might be able to leave hanging from the time Halloween decorations came down until the Christmas decorations went up. Why not? I finally decided I'd make one of my very own, but my deadlines were stacked straight through Thanksgiving day. It couldn't happen. But this morning I sat down with the scissors and finished this "thankful" banner instead.

This paper banner was so easy to make. I didn't even print or sketch the letters I just cut them out as I went along. It consists only of one magazine cover and one machine stitched thread. That's all! The only other materials were scissors for cutting, washi tape for hanging, and a paper punch for making those tiny scalloped circles. You could even tape or glue the letters to yarn and forgo the machine stitching altogether. Easy peesy.

I feel so thankful for so many things this holiday season that I think my messy heart might certainly burst. You know those moments when you feel like your life is so full that you can't possibly add one more thing to the list and then you add one more thing to the list and you just have to pause and look out the window and breathe deeper? It's not that I have too much on my plate it's just that I have to look up every once in awhile and take it all in. Let it digest. Let it settle. Let it soak.

I have some very exciting projects on my studio table and I feel so grateful these opportunities have come my way. And I feel so incredibly grateful for my kind husband and thriving toddler and for just a few moments I try to gaze over the stack of art materials on my desk, past the pile of toys on the living room floor, and even past the deadlines and into the expanse of gratitude. Sigh. It makes all the other concerns melt away for just a few minutes and that feels important. I feel full. I feel thankful. I feel so much gratefulness.

My yoga teacher always says, "I am enough. This is enough." And this season it just feels so full. Full of enough. But still just very, very full. And I have to keep reminding myself that I have everything I need to make these projects happen, to actually enjoy this holiday season, to make space and time for my busy bustling toddler, and to actually digest this big messy life just one day at a time. To be thankful.

Happy December, dear friends. I hope you are able to give thanks for all the big and little things in your own full and messy life. And then breathe that thankfulness all the way to the center of your big messy beautiful heart and let it circulate back out into the world again. That's right, like a filter. Spreading light and love and possibility and thankfulness as you go. Yes, yes, yes.



  1. Thankful for your blog today. xoxo

    1. what a sweet comment. thank you.

  2. Thankful for you.... and is that a sloth hanging upside down to the left of "thankful"?! Adorable.

    1. aw, how kind. i am thankful for you too! it's the head of a yak. one horn was missing as it was in the binding of the magazine. though, i love the idea of a sloth! xo


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