Your Dream Class (And a Giveaway)


I would love, love, love to get your feedback. I'm considering offering more classes in 2014 and I'd love to get your thoughts on what topics or projects you'd like to learn. This does not mean that you have to take the class or commit to the class in any way, shape, or form. Not at all!

It's just an opportunity for me to better understand your creative interests as I'm thinking about new class offerings. (And to sample some folks about their creative interests, at large.) I'd love to know more about what you want to learn, study, or create and see how I might offer creative guidance through an online or in-person class.

My art and craft work focuses primarily in paper, textiles, and/ or creative writing. I like to work with natural, up-cycled, or sustainable materials and often use found materials in my work too. And I'd be happy to teach courses or projects in any of these areas or even some combination thereof.

I've noticed that most current art and craft courses for adults seem to focus on projects but I'd be happy to cover projects or techniques. Or both. Some of you also remember my former life as a nonprofit arts administrator-- for 12 years I worked in fundraising, special events, and programming for various nonprofit galleries and theaters.

Last year, I offered several workshops in the Bay Area focused on fundraising for artists--writing grants, creating individual appeal letters, and launching online fundraising campaigns like Kickstarter to support art projects. I also offered the online course, INTERWOVEN and am thrilled to offer this class again March- May 2014. INTERWOVEN focuses on four different projects and offers a wide array of information surrounding those topics--crochet, soft sculpture, embroidery, and quilting.

But I'm thinking about offering other workshops in 2014 and I'd love your input. So if you would be willing to answer just three questions in a comment then I will select one person at random and send you a Made by Katrina art care package. Oh gosh, I'm excited just imagining what I'll include in this package! It will be a sampling of work I offer through my Etsy shop, materials I use in my studio, and at least one other original creation. It's an art care package from me to you--to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Okay, just answer these three questions in the comment section below by next Monday, Jan 20 at midnight. And if you're too shy or busy to leave a comment (nudge, nudge shy and busy folks among you) then I'm also going to create an anonymous survey on the sidebar with a briefer version. But I'd really love to know your thoughts. Did I say that yet? Okay, the three questions:
  1. Location: Would you prefer the class be offered online, in the Bay Area, or as part of a bigger arts offering like an art camp for adults where you take other creative classes while you visit?
  2. Subject: Textiles (sewing, dyeing, hand-stitching, embroidery, quilting, soft sculpture, etc), paper and/or printmaking (book arts, bookbinding, paper sculptures, linoleum block prints, banners, garlands, etc), creative writing (poetry, nonfiction, blogging, etc), or professional arts practices (fundraising, grant writing, appeal letters, artist statements, artist resumes, etc)?
  3. Details: Anything else you want to add! If you're thinking, "Oh, I'd really like to make a dress" then I'd love to know these details. Or if you've been looking for a class in a specific art/ craft subject area I'd love to know about it. Or if you took an awesome art class and want to go deeper--tell me about that too. Or if you've never taken a craft-focused class in your life then where would you want to start?

Thank you times 100. No, thank you times 100,000! I'd love to get your input whether you've been reading this blog for 6 years or 6 months or just about the last 6 minutes. Regardless, I'd love to know your thoughts and your own creative interests as I pursue opportunities to expand my teaching in 2014. Thank you much.



  1. Katrina - love this post!!
    My answers:
    1) I would prefer online for the simple reason that I live in Tennessee!
    2) my preference of class topic would be in this order: paper, textiles, creative writing (definitely interested in all three of those)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a care package from you - I'm pretty sure that would be about my favorite thing ever!
    ~ Dori ~

  2. Hi Katrina! Having attended and adored Interwoven last year I can testify to your brilliant teaching skills and I'm excited that you are keen to do more! Anyway, on with the questions!:
    1. Online would realistically suit me personally as I'm in the UK but I can see the benefit of an art camp thing too because there is something nice about a full on community experience and seeing other's work in a more tangible way.
    2. Textiles would be the most appealing to me - anything involving fabric, thread, yarn etc, but in particular I would be interested in a course involving dressmaking skills as that's something I'm just starting to get to grips with. Also a course looking at working with a combination of paper and fabric would be great too.
    3. Although I am contradicting myself from earlier when I said there is lots to gain from a 'live' art camp - I do think an online course, done well, is a fantastic way to interact with other like-minded people and learn from talented and skilled artists and makers and I strongly believe that 'community' can be built through sharing ideas in an online space as well as face to face.
    I hope this is in some way helpful!

  3. Hi Katrina!

    Oh, how fun! I know your care package will be amazing.

    1. Online... so I could take it! :-)
    2. I'm probably most interested in textiles as I'm fascinated by everything that you make and would love to learn more! I'm a sewing novice but love to sew and hope to learn how to sew something other than curtains and pillow covers. ;-)
    3. I'm not sure I could ever sew an outfit for myself, but I love some of what you've been doing and that infinity scarf of yours is just the cutest. Also, I'd love to learn how to sew some dolls, toys, etc. for my girls (that elephant pictured above is adorable!).

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. hello
    1/ online...I live in France
    2/ sewing, knitting and embroidery are my favorites
    2/ what I would like to learn is to make garments that really fit me.

    Thank you !

  5. 1) Online as I live in NY
    2) sewing basics/techniques, fabric dying (the natural way), grant writing
    3) I have dabbled a little into making clothes, but I'm stuck on inserting a zipper and some other basic techniques. I've always loved naturally dyed materials but whenever I try it they come out mottled (nice but not what I necessarily want) and I work in a non-profit field myself and any help with grant writing is always appreciated (plus, I can recommend it to others)

  6. 1) Online (I'm in Canada!)
    2) Textiles
    3) Specifically pattern making (or making clothing without a purchased pattern), and personalizing/embellishment techniques. I love the little details you put in your sewing - the labels, interesting mending, etc. At its core, I've been sewing clothes a lot lately and want to figure out how to make what I sew more special and fit better. And I REALLY want to know how you did those vertical darts on the grey dress!

  7. 1. Online
    2. Textiles (pattern making/making clothing w/out pattern, re-purposing clothing, specifically I'd love to make some baby clothing out of old fabric I have around).

    3. Creative writing!

    Thanks for asking!

  8. Thank you for your questions and the beautiful photos in the post.
    1. Online
    2. Textiles and paper arts.
    3. I would like to expand my basic sewing skills into making something I could wear!

  9. Anonymous1/15/2014

    My preference is online because of where I live.
    I'm interested in any hand work like stitches, embroidery, fabric dyeing, embellishment making from unusual materials.
    I make art quilts and I'm looking to learn new and unusual techniques and ideas to embellish my quilts.
    Thanks for your blog!

    1. Anonymous: Thank you so much for your input. Can you give me a name to enter in the giveaway? It doesn't have to be your real name, I won't know the difference :) Thank you!

  10. Location: Online will appeal to more, but certain things I just can't learn online. For crafting and the like, I need hands-on help!
    Subject: Textiles for sure for me. Dyeing, more hand-stitching (because I spend so long between projects I forget!), quilting and soft sculpture too.
    Details: I would LOVE to be able to make a dress, but it's quite daunting. And how will I find the time? But yes, in an ideal world I would totally love a class that completes with a handmade dress!

    xoxo, L

  11. 1. I would prefer an online class.
    2. I would like a class dealing with fabrics without sewing; book arts; paper sculpture; printmaking or embroidery.
    3. I would like a class on something dealing with old book pages...

  12. Hi Katrina! I participated on the interwoven class last year and it was brilliant! I'm very glad you're planning on doing more courses.
    1) online as I live in Greece
    2) textiles and printmaking
    3) I'd love to learn screen printing
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. This is such a fun opportunity!
    First, I would say that online is easiest. I love the pace of online classes, and I think it's still a great way to learn, create, and make a community. Second, I am personally interested in learning to make clothing. I have been following your Make Thrift Mend project and have also recently made the decision to change the way I purchase and use clothing. I love the tanks you've made, and I'm so intimidated by patterns I would really find useful an online class to walk through a project like a tank, tunic, or simple dress. Other things I'd be interested in would be little projects - how to make fabric beads, embroidery techniques, special quilt patterns to make - I love collaboration, too and I think it would be fun to participate in a bigger project with others. Thank you!

  14. online!
    Professional Practices!
    Grant writing tips, fundraising tips. TIPS!

  15. 1. online
    2. textiles: yarn beads - mini-quilts - natural dyes - re-purposing clothes - basic dressmaking (a simple shift etc)
    3. printing - on fabric or paper

  16. I'd vote for keeping the class on-line. All things crafty! embroidery, sewing, designing garments…

  17. online, self-paced
    textiles, paper, printing
    inspiration, making time, daily practice, mixing art and functionality

  18. AJ + SC... you won! you were selected by the random number generator over at random.org as the winner of this giveaway! i will contact you for specifics.

    THANKYOU to everyone who left feedback about your class interests. this is soooo very helpful for me as i design new offerings for 2014. thank you, thank you, thank you.

    xoxo, k.

  19. Oh, wow! Winning is fun. Thank you!!!


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.