Solo Exhibition Opens on Friday!

Join me this Friday, May 2 from 6-9pm for the opening reception of my solo exhibition, Still Time for Us Together in the Woods, at Rise Above Print Shop and Gallery at 4770 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. The installation includes 10 mixed media prints on paper; new limited-edition soft sculptures; a handmade dollhouse; an interactive photo booth with handmade masks; a dance video premier; and a reading station complete with poetry, pine cones, and tea. On opening night only it also includes live performances by choreographers Hope Mohr and Erin Mei Ling Stuart from 6:30-8:30. Refreshments will be served.

My to-do list is simultaneously shrinking and expanding--I finish one set of tasks and then quickly begin another--but now even the minutes are counted. I loaded into the gallery this morning and slowly but surely the materials, objects, and artwork are moving from my studio to the gallery space in large and small heaps. I dropped off bushels of dried flowers, living room furniture, artwork, tools, and various objects that will appear in the exhibition. I'm also preparing to hang vintage wallpaper, build reclaimed redwood shelves, and suspend various natural objects from the ceiling and windows.

These images are from a video shoot with my dear husband/ video designer, David Szlasa, and the ever-talented and inspiring choreographers Hope Mohr of Hope Mohr Dance and Erin Mei Ling Stuart of EmSpace Dance. We spent Sunday morning on the piers of Fort Mason overlooking the San Francisco Bay filming what will be one of the stations in the exhibition. This video shoot reminded me how much I love working with dancers--the way they articulate the simplest gestures with intention, curiosity, and complete conviction reminds me how even the slightest movement can be transformed.

I'll share photos of the exhibition here next week. Did I mention... I'm crazy excited?


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