Exciting News: Our Tiny Art Studio


I have exciting news. Last week my husband premiered our tiny art studio at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts BAN7 exhibition as part of the performing arts program. This week, we are eager to announce the launch of our new artist residency program, Range Studio.

Range Studio will be a collaborative husband and wife team effort to offer short-term creative artist residencies to artists from various disciplines; collaborate with institutions to create adaptable, site-specific art programming; and act as a platform for social action, community engagement, and creative social practice.

For those of you who've known me for a long time, you know this dream has been in the making for the better part of the last decade. My husband and I have dreamed of starting an artist residency center and we've gone through great pains to research, visit, and evaluate old farm houses, abandoned urban spaces, and sprawling acres of undeveloped land as potential residency sites.

At some point in the next decade I hope this big beautiful vision takes center stage in our work and home. But in the meantime, Range Studio feels like the "tiny house" seed to a roving residency center for artists, environmentalists, and creatives. It's the version of our residency center we can start from our small apartment in Oakland, CA.

My husband secured funding from the Center for Cultural Innovation to design and build this first tiny art studio, Studio 1. Studio 1 is a portable studio on wheels inspired by the Tiny House movement. It's built of sustainable and reclaimed materials, operates on solar power, and is clad in reclaimed redwood fencing. It's something of a modern maker's tiny house meets small urban art studio.

It was designed to sit on a flatbed trailer and park in the small driveway at our Oakland apartment. It's made quite a splash in the neighborhood since arriving from the warehouse where it was being built. A few days after arriving it was carted off to its first public exhibition at YBCA complete with micro residencies with four performing artists. It's been a very exciting week.

But our love for the studio propels us to share it with our beloved Bay Area arts community. And with the community at-large. We imagine this studio is the first step towards creating an adaptable, agile artist residency center from the comforts and confines of our small urban apartment.

We also imagine it might serve as a model to other artists and institutions looking to resolve the ever pressing issue of affordable arts space in urban centers. We also just hope it might inspire a handful of DIY art studios in its midst. (It is totally possible to build your own, for the record.)

We were fortunate to receive a feature article in the SF Bay Guardian last week sharing some insight about Studio 1 and the launching of Range Studio, you can read more here: Sm/Art Car. We've also just completed our new Range Studio website and we're eager to share it with you.

In the coming months we'll be focusing on sharing the news, solidifying partnerships, and writing grants to support residencies in the short-term. At present, we are each balancing a handful of individual art projects and see Range Studio as another collaborative art project that will orbit in our midst.

There are still 1000 details to configure but it feels like a big beautiful beginning. I keep looking out my studio window at the tiny art studio parked on our street below. Part of me still can't believe it's actually real.

As any dream starts to take shape and come into physicality after so many months or years of imagining, we can only guide the dream into place and let it be as willful and wonderful as it must. Launching Range Studio and seeing Studio 1 below our apartment feels like the beginning of a much bigger dream. One that I am eager to guide and steer in the many months and years to come.

Welcome to the world, Range Studio, and dear world, welcome to Range Studio and Studio 1.



  1. Three cheers for Range Studio!! xox

  2. Sean Johnson8/14/2014

    Love this idea. One of the coolest and and most well executed ideas I have seen in a long time. As a fan of the tinyhouse movement this makes me really excited. Great job on the details too, the red windows, the paneling, looks wonderful. Cant wait to see what you and your husband do with it! I'll certainly be following.

    1. Thank you so much, Sean! Grateful for your kind words and keen insights. We're so excited for this tiny art studio and all it might offer. Thanks for visiting here.


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