An Intimate View: The Paper Playhouse


Thank you so much for your kind and amazing words on my last post, for your emails, your comments on Facebook and Instagram, your pre-order purchases on Etsy (!!!), and all your amazing support of my very first book. Truly, thank you.

It means so much to launch this book out into the world and have it so beautifully received by all of you. I cannot wait to share more images, projects, and contributors as the weeks progress. I'm hoping that once the book is actually printed and in bookstores in January I'll even be able to share one entire project tutorial with you here. A special gift on my blog just for you.

I wanted to share just a few more images from the book. A true compilation of the gorgeous images all captured by Leslie Sophia Lindell for this project. Creating a kid's craft book is a huge undertaking--from designing the projects, making the projects, photographing the projects, scheduling the children, writing the projects/ section headers/ introductions, coordinating all the contributing artists for the gallery, and then finally hitting "send" to share that final manuscript with amazing editors at the publisher's end. It is such a journey.

But then, the editing, the copy edits, the final photo selections, the cover, the credits, and then editing it all again. Then one more time. Then once again. And now waiting for the first printed copies to arrive at my house in Oakland because it is almost time.

I'm remembering those first days of communicating with my editor last summer, before the proposal, before the contracts, well before any manuscript deadlines, and realizing how the project has morphed and expanded and contracted and somersaulted and tumbled into the book it is today. Such an amazing journey. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Now is also this very special time to share the book with the world. To share photographs (and the photographs are such a beautiful part of this book, captured by the amazing eye of my dear friend, Leslie) and also the time to coordinate book tours online and in person, to coordinate a book launch in Oakland, but also the time to share it with all of you.

To watch it start to take on a shape and life and even breath all its own. To know that it is truly leaving the nest of my studio and beginning to take the first flights out my front door, down my street, around my neighborhood, and then migrating to much farther corners of the globe where it will be read by some of you.

After maintaining this blog for over seven years (I cannot believe it's been seven years, but it's true) it is also an incredible feeling to witness this work being made into print. In so many ways, the work of the book took shape here on my blog through the various projects I've shared over the years. As many of you know, I have a background in poetry and book arts from my time in graduate school several moons ago. My love of textiles and creative writing have been with me my entire life. Really, since I was just a young girl.

This blog and my online community are also so much a part of this first book. Yes, all of you! Even my recent work with mending, up-cycling, and sustainable arts practices have all influenced this book. Somehow, this blog, my graduate degree, my work as an artist and crafter, and my most recent work as a mother have all combined to make this first book happen.

I feel like I'm sharing a look inside my very own cells. Where the creative spaces mash up against the mother spaces and the parts of my own childhood fantasies all come together to make this book for you. So much more to share in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you so much for sharing this space with me, friends. 100 thank yous.


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