Free Pattern: Easy Knit Infinity Scarf, DIY Tutorial


A new DIY project for you today! This is an easy knitting in the round infinity scarf pattern using a seed stitch. I just created this scarf pattern and I wanted to share it with you today. I'm a novice knitter, intermediate at best, but as many of you know I often edit or create patterns when I'm working in my studio. It's an imperfect approach to crafting and art but it best fits my studio practice and wabi sabi approach while allowing for a little innovation and creativity along the way. Innovation and creativity, that's the fun part, right?

When I started searching for infinity scarf patterns I couldn't find anything that really matched the scarf I imagined. Several were close but just not exact so I started this scarf four times (and took it apart four times) until it started to look like the one I had imagined. Now, here it is finished! Then I posted this scarf on Instagram last week and it was well received--somebody asked for the pattern and I thought it would be a nice winter DIY project to offer here on my blog. A new pattern for you.

I had three main goals for this infinity scarf: Over-sized, super soft, and minimal design. My secondary goals were also brief: No seams, no fancy stitches, and one single color. I did decide to add just one row of color around the top edge but this was a last minute whim. Next time I'd stay with my instinct for monochromatic. This is my very first knitting pattern so please let me know if anything is unclear or needs more detail. Eep! Exciting.

Katrina's Improvised Winter Infinity Scarf

  • Cast on 91 stitches. If you alter this pattern, be sure to cast on an uneven number of stitches.
  • Use the seed stitch (knit 1, purl 1 alternating stitches) to end of first row.
  • Continue every row with seed stitch (alternating k1, p1) until desired width or until you've used 200 grams of yarn--be sure to leave enough yarn to bind off.
  • Note: My scarf measures approximately 9" wide and 47" long (or 47" around).
  • Bind off. Weave in any loose ends. 
  • Wrap around your neck twice and wear with glee. 
  • Enjoy!*

This scarf is knit on the round so there are no seams and because the first row of stitches and the bind off stitches are the same as the entirety of the scarf (seed stitch) there is no noticeable edge, the back and front sides are reversible, and the edges do not curl. These were also priorities in finding a pattern that was suitable for an infinity scarf--the seed stitch is perfect for this scarf.

There are several free patterns online so do be sure to identify your favorite. This seed stitch on the round is really a perfect stitch for a beginner infinity scarf. Voila! I worked on this scarf for several nights when my toddler was in bed but also found it was simple enough to pick up for a few minutes here and there when he was busy with his trains. Win, win.

Now, go make some hot chocolate and sit by the fire while you work on your new infinity scarf. Never mind that holiday to do list, it will still be there when you're done knitting. I promise. Or better yet, make this scarf for somebody on your list and give handmade! I dare you.


*Note: Mind you, I am not an advanced knitter, so I can't promise you that the gauge and techniques in this pattern are up to industry standards. But industry standards aren't really my concern as an independent artist, so I'm simply sharing the pattern that worked for me--if you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I'll do my best to clarify. Happy Holidays!

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