Goodie Bags, Celebrations, and Past Lives

I think I was one of Santa's workshop elves in a past life. That's feasible, right? Whether I'm preparing for a craft fair, wrapping holiday gifts, or making goodie bags I'm pretty sure that at some point in a past life I probably wore a striped shirt, red knickers, and shiny suspenders. Probably that pointy hat and those adorable felt shoes too. Maybe I should add another tag to my bio: Artist, writer, crafter, former elf. Hmm... okay, maybe not.

I am making goodie bags for this weekend's book events! Two different bags for two different events. At the book signing on Saturday at Bella Vita from 3-5pm I'll be offering free goodie bags to the first ten people to buy a book. These bags will contain most of the materials needed to make the Pretty Paper Garland project from my book, The Paper Playhouse.

The paper garlands are a good place for adults or kids to begin when making the projects in the book. And they only require a handful of materials and, well, most of the materials are rather pretty so I made these pretty packages for the first ten buyers on Saturday afternoon. Plus, it was fun to assemble!

The second set of gift bags are for The Paper Playhouse Craft Party at Handcraft Studio School on Sunday afternoon. I'm so excited for this event! This set includes an assortment of upcycled pretty papers, postcards, washi tape, pink felt hearts, felt balls, and other paper flotsam and jetsam. I think of this one more like an inspiration packet--meant to fuel the imagination when making any of the projects in the book.

Plus, again, it was just plain fun to assemble these bags with the book in mind. Folks who attend the craft party also receive a free copy of the book so I like to think they walk away with the whole kit and caboodle. Caboodle, is that a real word? I digress.

Oh, friends. I am so excited to share these book events with my local Oakland community. I hope you'll join me on Saturday or Sunday for a signed book, goodie bag, special snack, and some papery inspiration. This Sunday is my last public event before my due date in early March. That doesn't seem possible but, somehow, it's true.

Have a great week.


PS--Thank you to those of you who have purchased my book through my Etsy shop. I've finally restocked the shelves and will also have extra copies with me this weekend. Thank you!


  1. I want one of those goodie bags, they're gorgeous! Just so you know, in British English, "red knickers and shiny suspenders" conjours a different image entirely...!!

    1. hysterical! your comment totally made my day. yes, of course, red knickers and shiny suspenders would conjure a very different image in england than here in sunny CA. for the record, i was thinking of the elf knickers (or knee-length pants) and silly Santa suspenders. xo

    2. We would say knickerbockers and braces - suspenders here are what I think you call a garter belt (for holding up stockings)!

    3. Knickerbockers! Now, that is a brilliant word. I wish we had a word that was equally impressive. And for the record, I meant those tacky red elf suspenders that hold up silly green or red elf pants, but a garter belt is an entirely different elf style. Too funny!


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.