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I'm so excited to announce that my book, The Paper Playhouse, has been printed in German! What a very exciting surprise. And a very great honor. To see my work printed in another language. And shockingly the German edition is doing wonderfully--what a crazy beautiful thing. I'm also insanely grateful that my book is in its second printing. That families are making my projects and posting images online. And that all this book news is swirling around my busy studio this summer. Forgive the cliche, but it's a total dream come true!

I've dreamed of writing a book since I was just a kid. A pensive teenager squirreled away in my bedroom writing poems and sketching in my journals. Or a younger child tucked into the shadows of our big beautiful backyard noting the birds and butterflies and flowers that bloomed around me. And then came a more complicated world of college and twenty-something living in cosmopolitan cities and studying poetry and book arts in graduate school. And a good complication too. A critical inquiry. A good exercise to take our instincts and question them in formal critique.

But... if you asked me I'd never guess that my first book would be paper crafts for children. But it's been such an honor to see this work out in the world. I'm learning to embrace the term "fiber artist" after resisting much categorization in my work. For years I simply said, "I make things" and then after several conferences and workshops I agreed to a triad "I'm an artist, writer, and crafter". All of these things are true. And yet the beauty of identity is that it's fluid. It's complicated. It's overlapping and intersecting and that's where it gets interesting. Thank goodness, yes.

But German! I'm honored. If you've already purchased my book I simply want to hug you. Not even joking. I want to hug you. Each one of you! And if you haven't yet purchased my book but you've been wanting to you can still purchase it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Quarry Books, in my Etsy shop, or order it through your favorite local bookstore. Or if you speak German you can order it in German too! Now, of course, I want to write more books. A second craft book. A book of poems and essays. A children's book. And so it goes. But today, I'm just grateful. Super crazy happy grateful.



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