Slow Fashion Citizen and Exciting Updates for 2017

Hello, old friends. I'm just dropping in to announce some exciting projects for the remainder of 2017. As many of you know, since February I've been writing a monthly column, Slow Fashion Citizen, for the Fringe Association blog. In this series I share the stories of fashion designers, artists, makers, authors, dyers, menders, shop owners, activists, organizers, and otherwise slow fashion leaders inspiring my personal slow fashion journey and forging new pathways for sustainable and regenerative fashion. In short, these men and women are some of my slow fashion heroes and I'm honored to share their stories in this monthly series. Please follow along over on the lovely knitting blog, Fringe Association.

I was beyond thrilled to teach at the Sweet Paul Makerie in Brooklyn in March and I'm thrilled to be teaching at two more retreats this summer and fall. July 23-28, 2017 I'll be teaching mending in Maine at the Slow Fashion Retreat organized by A Gathering of Stitches joined by friends Cal Patch of Hodge Podge Farm teaching garment sewing and Jessica Lewis Stevens of Sugar House Workshop teaching natural dyes. The retreat will also include communal meals, a clothing swap, optional yoga classes, and several other opportunities to join in slow fashion community with like minded folks. I cannot wait to mend by the seaside.

In October 2017 I'm joining with friend and natural dyer, Sasha Duerr, to teach a Slow Textiles Retreat at Three Pines Farms in Iowa. Much to our surprise this retreat sold out in just a few weeks but there is still a wait list if you want to toss your name into the mix with the organizer, Kara Grupp. This workshop includes classes in natural dyeing and mending but also offers a weekend gathering for considering slow fashion, slow living, and how we might generally better align our ethics with our lifestyles and particularly our wardrobes.

I'm also thrilled to be an artist-in-residence at Hudson Valley art space, Instar Lodge, in Germantown, NY for the month of September. As part of my residency I'll be creating a new collaborative workshop, Medicinal Dye Plants: Natural Dyes + Remedy Making, at the intersection of natural plant dyes and herbal medicine. I'm so thrilled to conduct experiments, invite collaborators, and consider slow fashion, farming, healing arts, and sustainability in this residency project. Actually, I'm over-the-moon. Join us for the workshop on Saturday, Sept 16 from 1-5 or for a public conversation and open studio on Saturday, Sept 30.

As I'm currently blogging every month over on the Fringe Association site with the Slow Fashion Citizen my posts here will be less frequent through 2017. At the end of the year I'll reassess my monthly writing capacity and make decisions about this space for 2018. In the meantime, to stay connected please join my monthly newsletter--more like a monthly pen pal club for textile lovers--and connect with me on Instagram or my Facebook business page where I post nearly daily.

It's been such an honor to join this slow fashion and contemporary craft community and I offer my utmost gratitude and thanks to each of you cheering me in this space, social media, and in person for all these years. You're the reason I keep doing what I do. Because you encourage me to keep on going. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'm just shifting my writing to another site this year to continue one of the things I hold most dear in my work--collaboration and community-building.

Yours in Slow Fashion (Forever),


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