How to Make a Stocking from a Wool Skirt

Simple Christmas Stocking from a Wool Skirt
I first made these stockings when my husband and I were just married and decorating our apartment for the holidays. I wanted a simple wool stocking that I couldn't find in any of the stores. So I decided to make a set from wool skirts I found at the thrift store. Those pretty plaid wool skirts are always so tempting for their gorgeous patterns and textures but not for their unflattering fit. So, this is a good reason to cut them up and give them new life for the holidays.

Skill Level
Moderate. Basic sewing stitches but just a few tricky spots when finishing up. With patience and basic sewing skills, you can do it!

Materials List
  • Wool skirt measuring 18" or longer (two wool skirts if you want a contrasting cuff)
  • About 1/2 yard of fabric for the lining--18" by 12" at widest point
  • Any materials you want to use for embellishment--I used 4 square inches of red wool felt for the "M" on the front of this stocking.
  • Manilla folder or other sturdy paper
  • Pencil
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Straight Pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
Note: Before you begin, wash and iron all your fabrics according to their care labels. I tend to toss my thrift store purchases right into the washing machine--I take my chances because I want to know they are clean. With delicate fabrics like wool I use the "delicate" cycle, cold water, mild soap, and then lay flat to dry. Once dry, iron on the wool setting before you begin.

Step 1: Sketch. Make your stocking pattern. I typically sketch my patterns on to manilla folders and for this tutorial I just opened the folder and it worked great. My pattern measures 17.5 inches at the highest point and 11 inches at the widest. Don't worry, just sketch and have fun!

Step 2: Cut. Trace and cut two stocking shapes from the wool skirt (Wool 1) and two stocking shapes from the fabric lining.  Also cut a 6 inch by 15 inch rectangle from the contrasting wool (Wool 2) and from the lining. Lastly, cut a smaller rectangle that's 3 inches wide by 7 inches high--this will be the hook and is just from the contrasting wool (Wool 2).


Note: If you want to add any embellishments to your stocking now would be the time. I simply cut the letter "M" from a four inch square of wool felt and then appliqued the letter to the front of the stocking fabric. I used a whip stitch but you could also add machine stitching detail, applique, embroidery, initials, names, stars, trees, text, etc. It will be easier to add this detail while the fabric is still flat and unattached to the other pieces. 

Step 3: Pin. Using straight pins, pin the right sides of the fabric together. The two linings will be pinned together; the two primary wools (Wool 1); and the two rectangular pieces (Wool 2 and lining). You'll fold the smaller rectangle in half and pin along the edge.

Step 4: Sew. Sew the pinned pieces together. When finished, you should now only have the four main pieces of the stocking--the primary wool exterior, the interior lining, the contrasting cuff with lining, and the smaller rectangle or the stocking hook.

Step 5: Lining. You'll now put the wrong sides of the stocking together and pin the lining into the exterior primary wool. You'll actually slip the lining inside the exterior shape and pin along the top edge--you should see the right sides of the fabric once pinned. Sew into position, use a basting stitch if you prefer or a basic straight stitch will work fine too.

Step 6: Cuff. Here's the only tricky part--turn the sewn stocking inside out so the lining is now on the outside. Place the hook at the back of the stocking seam. Now, place the cuff along the top of the lining so the exterior wool cuff lies against the interior lining of the main stocking. The hook should rest between the two pieces (main stocking body and cuff) at the back of the stocking seam. See photo for details. This is the trickiest part. Now, sew.

Step 7: Turn. Turn the stocking right side out. Voila! Your stocking should look like this image below. All you have to do now is fold over the cuff.

Step 8: Finishes. Turn the cuff over so the wool fabrics are now facing outward and the linings are mostly hidden. Now, you're almost finished. Grab the cuff at the very top just under the hook and pin the sides together so they just touch. Thread your needle with matching thread and use a basic blind stitch (or whip stitch if you prefer) to sew just the top 1 inch of the cuff sides together. This will keep the cuff in place while hiding the unfinished seems underneath.

Step 9: Enjoy. Hang with happy abandon. Make more stockings for your family and friends! This is a great way to up-cycle wool skirts into lovely holiday stockings. Now, pat yourself on the back. Pour yourself a cup of cocoa, nibble on some cookies, and ENJOY.

(Please note: All of my tutorials and projects are intended for readers' personal use only. Not intended for resale, retail, wholesale, or any other form of reproduction. All images and text copyright Katrina Rodabaugh. Thank you.)